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To try and convince the southern states who had not yet seceded from the Union but were threatening to do so, to not secede, as well as, focus on protecting the Government's property and assets, against those states which had seceded from the Union.

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To End Slavery Where It Existed

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Q: What was president lincolns main goal when he took office in 1861?
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What was lincolns goal as president?

The restoration of the Union

What was President Lincoln's goal for the period that he held the office?

During the first-term of President Lincoln's presidency, Lincoln's goal was to preserve the Union. This goal was severely challenged by the fact of the Civil War, which began soon after he took office in March of 1861.

What was Abraham Lincolns primary goal?

After April 12, 1861 it became keeping the union together.

What were the Union Armys goal in the summer of 1861?

The Anaconda Plan was the Union army's strategic goal in the summer of 1861.

What was lincolns initial goal of the war?

To bring the union back together.

When the civil war began what was Abraham Lincolns main goal?

Abraham Lincolns main goal at first was to keep the states together. But later slavery was included but no by choice. It just mixed in and was part of it till the end

What was Lincolns main goal during the civil war?

to win the civil war

What was lincolns goal in reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What best describes lincolns initial goal in the war against the south?

Restoration of the union.

What was lincolns stated goal about the peace after the war?

Lincoln's stated goal about peace after the war was for slaves to be free , and be able to start their own life .

What was Lincolns goal for the war?

To bring the Southern states back into the Union.

What was Lincolns goal after the civil war?

He didnt have too much to say after the war, because he was assassinated right around the end of the war.