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Japan had this slogan during World War 2: Asia is for Asian, which was one of the reasons why they staged invasions across Asian countries. They wanted to be the most powerful in the Far East so they worked to expand their empire, invading even the giant China, which was not that economically and politically powerful that time.

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Was Japan ever fascist before or during World War 2?

No. For centuries before and during ww2 Japan had always been imperialists.

Did japan occupy manchuria during World War 2?

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 - before the start of World War 2.

Who was the leader in japan before world war 2?

The emperor of Japan both before and during the war has Hirohito and the "prime minister" (more like a dictator) was Hideki Tōjō.

Did US soldiers set foot in Japan during world war 2 after the atom bombs or before?

Not on mainland Japan, but on offshore islands such as Okinawa.

What slogan did Japan adopt during the Meiji Restoration?

Japan adopted the phrase "civilization and enlightenment" during this time. These were two of the biggest goals that the Japanese strove for.

Japan dictator during World War II?

Tojo was the leader of japan during ww2

Who was the leader of Japan during World War I?

Japan had two leaders during World War 1. From 16 April 1914

What countries did japan have conflicts with before World War 1?

Japan had conflicts with China and Russia before World War one.

Was Japan on the Allies and Axis during World War 2?

Japan as on the Axis side during WWII.

Who rule japan during world war 2?

Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan during WWII.

What world War did Japan get bombed?

During WW2 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

What was the name of the emperor of Japan during World War 2?

The emperor of Japan during WW2 was Emperor Hirohito.

Which countries were allied with japan during world war 2?

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

How many are the airplanes of japan during World War 2?

Japan had over 50,000 airplanes during WW2.

Who ruled Japan before World War 2?

The Emperor ruled Japan.

Who was the real world leader in Japan during World War 2?

Hideki Tojo was the leader of japan in world war 2.

Was Japan part of China before?

Japan admired Chinese culture and learned much from them. Before World War II, Japan invaded China.

What would japan trade to the US during world war 2?

during WW2, there was no trade between Japan and the US

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