What was something interesting that happened to Zeus?

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He had sex with other woman while in animal form.
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What is something interesting about Idahos statehood?

people there are fat sometimes You can ask people is it Idaho or Udaho and when they go Idaho? You can laugh at them because they called themselves a ho! Sorry, I know it's not helpful :/

What is an interesting story about zeus?

Zeus was a supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the Pathenon of gods.. In Greek mythology Kronos the Titan had 5 children - Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter and , because he was told one of his children would kill him, swallowed each of them. When his sixth child Zeus was born, Kronos' wife, ( Full Answer )

What is something interesting about Honduras?

1. It is said that on Christopher Columbus' last voyage to America he exclaimed: 'Thank God, we are safely out of these depths!' when he came across the offshore islands of Honduras. In Spanish Honduras means depths, giving the country it's name, or so the story goes. 2. Honduras is the second la ( Full Answer )

What is something interesting about Australia?

Interesting facts about Australia include: . Australia is made up of five mainland states and one island state, and two mainland territories. There are also seven offshore (external) territories. . Christmas in Australia is held in mid-summer, as that is the season when December 25 falls. Christ ( Full Answer )

Something interesting about china?

According to popular legend, tea was discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C. when a tea leaf fell into his boiling water. The Chinese consider tea to be a necessity of life. i

Whats something interesting that happened in Florida long ago?

One interesting thing that happened in Florida long ago was that the Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, went there in search of the mythical fountain of youth, in order to become young again. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that people will take totally unfounded rumors seriously enou ( Full Answer )

What happened to the statue of Zeus?

Nobody is really sure what happened to the statue, some say it was carried off to Constantinople, where it was destroyed in a fire in 475AD. Others say it was destroyed when the temple in which it sat was destroyed in 425AD.

Something interesting about Saturn?

that it has so many ring we have no idea on how many there are. that it has Lot of moons. it is the second largest in the solar system.

Something interesting happened in 2002?

On January 1, 2002, Taiwan officially joins the World TradeOrganization, as Chinese Taipei. U.S. invasion of Afghanistan:Operation Anaconda began on March 2, 2002. Switzerland,traditionally a neutral country, joins the United Nations onSeptember 10, 2002.

Name something interesting about oxygen?

Here are some facts *Animals and plants require oxygen for respiration. *Oxygen gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. *Liquid and solid oxygen are pale blue. *Oxygen is a non-metal. *Oxygen gas normally is the divalent molecule O2. Ozone, O3, is another form of pure oxygen. * ( Full Answer )

Something that is interested about Saturn is?

Classification Using the classification based on size, Saturn is one of the giant planets. These planets are also known as the the gas giants. The other three giants planets are Jupiter , Uranus and Neptune . These gas giants all have diameters greater than 48000 kilometers. The other planet ( Full Answer )

Do you know something interesting about soko?

soko is a10 yr old girl who live's in toongabbie her best friends names are tiara,Emily t,and Helen she loves dogs and her family .she has recently lost her dog banjo and is hunting down the person who stole him!!!

What is something interesting about the stapler?

Hmmm...something interesting about the stapler. One thing that is interesting is that if you flip the top part of the stapler up, and you squeeze it, staples shoot out. You can shoot people with staples! (P.S. It won't hurt unless you put the stapler right to their skin and squeeze.)

What happened after Zeus became a god?

Zeus was born a god so after he became a god he grew up made a plan to overthrow his father, Cronus became the lord of the skies and the most powerful god and then had lots of children with mortal women.

What is something interesting about bill gates?

He built his first computer in his garage. He sometimes wears a wig. He is donating all his money to charity after death and leaving his children with only a small portion of it He got arested for a travic violation

What is something interesting about Ukraine?

Ukraine (population - 48 million) is an Eastern European country on the Black Sea. Located between the Capartian mountains and the southern steppes of Eurasia, Ukraine is naturally irrigated and has what is soft considered the most fertile soil in Europe. The blue and yellow striped flag, representi ( Full Answer )

What would happen if Zeus farted?

The environmental impact concerning such a sudden and ample distribution of carbon dioxide is unpredictable, but would probably cause the world to explode, a massive outbreak of HIV, conservatives drinking bottles of ammonia, a climactic increase in the number of exploding squirrels, and an Asian in ( Full Answer )

What happened to the temple of Zeus?

It was destroyed by the christian emperor Theodosius the second in 426 AD like many other temples because they were dedicated to the 12 Olympians (12 gods).

What is something interesting about The twin towers?

many people just jumped out of the building bc they didnt want to be burned by the fire not all of the floors on the building were destroyed while the building was falling, in all of the smoke, appeared an angry face made of smoke the terrists were suicydle in the planes and threatened many ( Full Answer )

What interests Zeus?

Lightning bolts,other gods,immortals etc. to learn more read Percy Jackson and the Olympians lightning thief or watch the movie=D

What is something interesting that happened in the donner party?

They were trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and resorted to eating their dead companions. The Mexican American War delayed rescue groups, and the extreme weather turned back many. When they were rescued, only 48 of the original 87 had survived.

How do you make something interesting to sell?

Try checking craft books and magazines for ideas. The advantage of this is you usually get a step by step guide to how to make your item, but the disadvantage is it's likely many other people are doing the same thing. A good solution is to merey use these resources for inspiration rather than actual ( Full Answer )

Something interesting about the US?

It is a country of freedom, comfort and convenience- freedom of living; comfort of working and convenience of style

What happened to Zeus' father?

By most accounts, Zeus confined his father, Kronos, in the cave of Nyx, in the deepest, darkest part of Tartarus. Later, Kronos was released and he served either as the King of Elyseum in Hades, or as King of the Golden Age of the Latins in Italy as Saturn.

What is something interesting about a Hermit Crab?

A PP (Purple pincher hermit crab) can snap a pencil in 2 with it's big claw. Hermit crabs have been abused for years and are still today hermit crabs WILL live for years if properly cared for

What is some of Zeus' interests?

Lightning bolts, human beings, other gods, titans, the prophecy(that his son is going to kill him and take his position) But his interest mainly focus on having sex and taking care of his sons that came as result.

What is something interesting about half life?

Human life is a Gift of God,it is more that life is temporary for human,because real life will start after death permanently.Most of people have many intentions and purpose about whole life some of have about half life,if you divide human life into two pieces one is related to only personal life oth ( Full Answer )

What happen after Zeus rescued his brothers?

After Zeus rescued his brothers from his dad swallowing them, Zeus and his two brothers divided the whole world into separate parts, and each one controlled a different. Since Zeus was the savior of his brothers, he made himself the God of Heaven. Zeus tricked Hades into thinking the underworld was ( Full Answer )

What was something interesting about Mark Twain?

He wrote a book that was published 100 years after his death. . Mark Twain first used a typewriter to write Tom Sawyer. His earlier book Life on the Mississippi (published in 1883) was also typed but he didn't type it. It was typed from his original manuscript.

What is something interesting about Utah?

Utah has many unique natural features. Two of the most spectacular for me are Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon. In Arches National Park near Moab there arch stone formations that have been eroded away over thousands of years. It is really quite impressive. In Bryce Canyon, the entire canyon app ( Full Answer )

What is something interesting about the stegosaurus?

Stegosaurus's plates had many blood vessels. Some scientists theorize that it may have been able to cause extra blood to rush into those vessels, which would make the plates "blush" red. The purpose of this may have been as a display to attract mates or as an intimidation tactic.

What is something interesting aboutn Jupiter?

1)the biggest planet in the solar system 2)mass is almost 1/1000 part of that of sun 3)the planet was named after the name of the roman GOD JUPITER. 4)human knew its existence long long ago......so it is mixed with myths of many culture.... 5)mass of jupiter is 318 times than that of earth ( Full Answer )