What was the Electra Project?

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The more-or-Less covert name for Amelia Earhart"s Global flight in l937. The termcould be used as a code phrse wihtout mentioning Earhart. Name derived fromthe model name of her plane,the Lockheed Model l0E Electra. Flash!

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Q: What was the Electra Project?
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What was the Earhart project?

It was aproject to find any traces of Amelia, Fred, or their Electra.

What is the gray ghost plane?

Possibly something connected with The Electra Project and Amelia Earhart. Her Electra was in lay terms grey, or matter aluminum, (Silver) is poetic license.

Departure date of Amelia Earhart journey?

March l7, l937 from Oakland, California. This is the start of the Electra Project.

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Makes sense. Wish they would extent that to such things as the Electra Project and UFO"s.

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