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a bill to help education, housing and small business loans during this time period

The GI Bill, which helped American veterans pay for education and other expenses, offered low-cost home loans to veterans and $2,000 toward the purchase of a new home.

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Q: What was the GI Bill between 1945 and 1950?
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Can you get a business loan on the GI Bill?

No, the GI Bill funds your education.

Do you receive living allowance for the gi bill?

Under the "New GI Bill," yes.

Who created the GI Bill of Rights?

Franklin D. Roosevelt created the GI Bill.

What does the new gi bill look like?

Legislation has made a few changes to the GI Bill. For example, the largest change is eliminating the break pay that was offered to students between fall and spring classes.

Can spouses use the Montgomery GI bill?

spouses can use the gi bill starting aug 2009

How can the new GI bill benefits be calculated?

There are many resources on the internet that help calculating the GI bill benefits. One such resource is the GI bill calculator, which can be found on the official GI bill calculator website. By filling in one's detail, the calculator will automatically calculate one's benefits for them.

Can it be court ordered to pay spousal support out of money received from the gi bill?

The GI bill pays for education.

Was the GI Bill a success?

No, the GI Bill is crap. They tease you with all these promises of money for college, but you have to jump through hoops to get it.

Your GI Dog Tags contain T50-you were inducted in 1950 but what does the T mean?

Tetanus shot in 1950

Do reservists get the gi bill?


Will you lose your GI bill if you get married?


What tools are available to assist you in selecting which GI Bill benefit to use?

Education and Career Counseling, GI Bill Comparison Tool