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Q: What was the Grimm Brothers Family information?
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Where did the brothers Grimm come from?

the grimm brothers came from germany

What is the theme for the turnip by the Grimm brothers?

family, wealth, greed and violence

Who published the brothers Grimm tale of Snow White?

The Brothers Grimm.

Where is the birthplace of the Grimm brothers?

The Brothers Grimm were born in Hanau, Germany.

Cinderella is collected by the grimm brothers true or false?

Cinderella is not collected by the Grimm Brothers. Cinderella is a story that is originally told by the Grimm Brothers.

Where is the home of Grimm brothers?

I am almost sure they are from Germany, and called The Brothers Grimm.

When was Brothers Grimm - comics - created?

Brothers Grimm - comics - was created in 1978.

When was The Brothers Grimm released?

The Brothers Grimm was released on 08/26/2005.

What was the Production Budget for The Brothers Grimm?

The Production Budget for The Brothers Grimm was $80,000,000.

Where did the Grimm brothers go to School?

The Brothers Grimm went to the University of Marburg

Did the expressiom grim come from the grimm brothers?

Yes. The Grimm's in the book are related to the Brothers Grimm who made the fairytales.

What is or who are the brothers Grimm?

It would be "Who were the Brothers Grimm." Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two brothers in Germany who wrote a collection of fairy tales in the early 1800s.

Who were the brothers Grimm parents?

Dorothea and Phillip Grimm

What were the brothers Grimm names?

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

What was the Grimm Brothers name?

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

What stories did the grimm brothers write?

The brothers Grimm collected and edited fairy stories.

Cinderella is one of the fairytales collected by the what brothers?

It was the Grimm Brothers. So it's Grimm.

Which is a fairy tale collected by brothers grimm?

All of the stories were collected by the Grimm Brothers.

What is the name of Hansel's sister in the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm?


How many brothers make up the brothers Grimm?

two, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

What did the Grimm brothers write?

The Brothers Grimm didn't write. They complied a collection of fairy tales.

How much money did The Brothers Grimm gross worldwide?

The Brothers Grimm grossed $105,299,638 worldwide.

What were the names of the Brothers Grimm?

Jakob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm.

What did the grimm brothers do?


The Grimm brothers came from what country?

Germany. I'm not perfectly sure but I've read the Sisters Grimm and their gramma is from Germany and says their family is from there so that's my answer.