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Q: What was the Jews' relationship to the society they lived in?
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What was the Jews' relationship to the society in which they lived?

The answer to this question entirely depends on which society the Jew is living in. There could be a relationship predicated on Jewish extermination (like Nazi Germany), a relationship predicated on hostile permissions punctuated by pogroms (like Czarist Russia), a relationship predicated on permissibility of presence with strong discrimination in various parts of life (like the Republic of Venice), a relationship predicated on overt taxation and humiliation, but freedom of movement and occupation (like the Ottoman Empire), a relationship predicated on separating themselves from the non-Jews in all-Jewish towns (like in Poland of the 1700s), a relationship predicated in sharing values with non-Jews, but not equality (like Germany of the 1800s), a relationship predicated on social inequality, but otherwise general equality (like the United States of the 1800s), a relationship of legal and social parity with non-Jews (like the current United Kingdom), or a relationship predicated on Jewish control of the apparatuses of government (like modern Israel). In each variation, there were different overarching rules and microclimates of varying relationships between Jews and non-Jews.

Who lived in krakow ghetto?

Jews, mainly the Jews of Krakau

Where did most Jews lived before World War 2?

Most jews lived in Nove Mesto

How did Jews treat Muslims in Muslim society?

In Muslim countries in which Jews lived, the Jews were invariably the minority - sometimes persecuted - so circumstances dictated that they constantly keep a low, humble profile (even if the Torah hadn't already mandated the striving for cordial relations).

Where did the Jews lived before?


Why are Jews good with money?

Throughout history, Jews lived in poverty, and learned from their experiences.

When was British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews created?

British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews was created in 1842.

What happened to the Jews who lived in Kisvarda Hungary?

The Jews who lived in Kisvarda, Hungary were rounded up during the Holocaust. They were sent to Auschwitz, where most of them died.

Why did the Germans capture the Jews and send them to camops?

because they did not want Jews in their society.

How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust and how many lived?

6,000,000 died and a few lived

Max weber view on state-society relationship?

views of Max Weber on society-administration relationship

What is symbiotic relationship between libraries and education?

What are the symbiotic relationship between the library society and culture society