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The Lend-Lease Act was passed on March 11, 1941.

Lend-Lease was a program of the United States Federal government during World War II which enabled the United States to provide the Allied nations with war material while the US was still officially a neutral country. The Lend-Lease program began in March 1941, nine months before the US entered the war in December of 1941. Lend-Lease came on the heels of Cash and Carry, following correspondence between Churchill and FDR on the economic status of England and their inability to pay for and transport materials as they once did. It ended soon after V-J Day, on September 2, 1945. This program was the first large step away from American isolationism and towards international involvement since the end of WWI.

It provided $51 Billion to 45 allied countries "lending" weapons, food and supplies to England, Russia and China and any country vital to winning the war.

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Q: What was the Lend-Lease Act?
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