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Q: What was the Northeren states argument for slaves NOT counting towards population?
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What is a federal ratio?

The federal ratio is simply another name for the three-fifths compromise set forth by congress to deal with the issue of counting slaves towards population in regards to representation in the house of representatives. It basically says that one slave will count for 3/5 of a free man when counting population for seats by state in the house. This compromise went on to affect Thomas Jefferson's election to president and other events in that the southern slave owners were given votes in compliance with the three-fifths compromise, thus giving his supporters extra votes to give him, meanwhile the northern states did not have the slaves to do this with for various reasons.

The irregular American troops who played a crucial role in swaying the neutral civilian population towards the patriots cause?

Militia or militia men

What was the 3 to 5 ratio for counting slaves?

It was a result of a compromise between the North and the South. The North wanted slaves to be counted for taxation purposes in the South to bring in more revenue for the federal government which was something the South did not want. But the South wanted to count slaves towards in population in terms of representation so they could have more members in the House of Representative which the North did not want. In the end they settled upon the idea that each slave counted as 3/5 of a person, both in terms of taxation and representation.

Did wilsons 14 point peace plan harm the US?

No, it did not. In fact in 1928 his League of Nations help ratify 65 countries and they agreed that they would not use war a means to win a argument. his 14 point plan helped the world abolish slavery. I contributed towards free trade and no economic barriers. If I were you i would look at what you would define as harming the U.S. I personally think it did the WORLD more good than harm.

Who was Thomas Paine's list of grievances directed towards?

Thomas Paine's list of grievances were directed towards England. The name of these grievances were called Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

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How did delegates settle the problem of slaves counting towards a states population?

3/5 Compromise

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