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the old english sheepdog or bobtail was used as shepherd.

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Q: What was the Old English Sheepdog first bred for?
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Which came first the Old English Sheepdog or Bearded Collie?

The Bearded Collie came first - it's the ancester of the Old English Sheepdog.

What was the Old English Sheepdog bred for?

Herding Livestock in England (obviously) I've heard it said that they were bred to herd Old English Sheep! They still are bred to herd sheep In England, some also herd Livestock such as Cattle and Poultry!

What does an Old English Sheepdog look like?

An Old English Sheepdog is a large breed dog that was originally bred for herding. This breed has a very long, thick white or gray coat that covers its entire body including its face and eyes.

Is there a such thing as a miniature old English sheepdog?

No there is no such dog breed called Miniature old English Sheepdog

Is the Bearded Collie and Old English Sheepdog related?

Yes! The Old English Sheepdog is the ancestor of the Bearded Collie. My aunt had both.

What has the author Christina Smith written?

Christina Smith has written: 'The complete Old English Sheepdog' -- subject(s): Old English sheepdog

Can a purebred Old English Sheepdog be black and white?

A purebred Old English Sheepdog can be black and white. They are most commonly grey and white.

Is the Old Englosh Sheepdog the same breed as the OES?

Yes, OES is just an abbreviation for Old English Sheepdog.

What has the author Mona Berkowitz written?

Mona Berkowitz has written: 'How to raise and train an old English sheepdog' -- subject- s -: Old English sheepdog

How often should an Old English Sheepdog be groomed?

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What is the nickname of the Old English Sheepdog?

bobtail bobtail

Animal that is very stubborn?

Old English Sheepdog

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