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The Peasants' Revolt happened in 1381 because of high taxes and poor economic conditions. It was not immediately successful, but the long term effects improved conditions for poor people.

There is a link below to an article on the Peasants' Revolt.

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Q: What was the Peasants revolt in the black death?
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What was the main events of the peasants revolt?

the black death and the war with France

What changed England more the black death or the peasant's revolt?

The Black Death because this disease contributed to why the peasants revolted.!!!

Why was the black death is more significant than the peasants revolt?

Because of these points... : Although the Peasants revolt was very good for people in England, the Black Death affected people out of Britain because the terrible disease spread around the whole world. The Black Death had a bigger impact, as it affected as many people as 75 million, but the Peasants revolt killed an average of 3267 people. If it wasn't for the Black Death, there wouldn't have been a Peasants revolt, because so many deaths caused by the Black Death led to the peasants revolting. The Black Death had a bigger impact on more peoples lives because many people died and the peasants felt they were worth more so they rose against authority to gain freedom from their lords and to see if they could gain more power and improve their lives forever.

What plague did wages rose and trade declined?

The Black Death caused the death of many peasants so they were in higher demand but there was less supply. The landlords had to pay the peasants more to keep them but eventually the government passed a law, i can't remember the name right now, which stopped peasants being paid more then a certain amount. This caused the peasants revolt. Trade declined after the Black Death as there were less crops, less traders and less peasants. Thanks!

Why Black Death was a significant event in British in history?

Because many people died of it. It caused the end of the mongol empire and caused the peasants revolt in 1381?

What caused the peasants to revolt in the middle ages?

There were three main causes of the peasants revolt. 1 - The poll tax: A new tax for everyone over the age of fifteen, which was five times the amount of usual tax. 2 - The results of the Black Death - Peasants had to do more work as there were less people because lots of people had died in the Black Death. 3 - Work service - Lords decided that if peasants wanted to rent land from them, they would have to work for a few days a week without payment or profit.

What date did the peasants revolt and why?

the peasants revolt started on July 12th 1381.

Was the peasants revolt successful for the peasants?


Was what Tyler a peasant?

Yes he was. That is why he took part in the Peasants Revolt in 1381. If he was a royal or if he was rich then he would be okay with the taxes (which were a problem at the time after the black death) and would be able to pay them.

What happened after black death?

scientist dont really no but they are saying that it was carried by rats,lice,ticks,and animal dropping.they believe it was a form oof the bubonic plague.

Why were wages high after the black death?

because before the black death there were lots of peasants to do labour but after the black death since so many of them had died it was harder to get work from the survivng peasants so the lords offered the peasants higher wages

What caused the peasants revol t?

The Black Death