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What was the Production Budget for The Wedding Planner?


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The Production Budget for The Wedding Planner was $28,000,000.

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The Production Budget for American Wedding was $55,000,000.

The Production Budget for The Wedding Crashers was $40,000,000.

The Production Budget for The Big Wedding was $32,500,000.

The Production Budget for The Wedding Date was $15,000,000.

The Production Budget for Our Family Wedding was $14,000,000.

The Production Budget for Monsoon Wedding was $1,200,000.

Not everyone goes to wedding planners. If you have a low budget, you could do the wedding yourself.

The Production Budget for My Best Friend's Wedding was $46,000,000.

We can easily find a wedding planner over internet. You just need to give information about the venue and the budget.

The cost of a wedding planner may vary by location.Normally you can expect to pay about 10 percent of your total budget for your planner.

The Production Budget for My Big Fat Greek Wedding was $5,000,000.

Usually a planner charges based on the total budget of the wedding, say a % of the the whole budget. Sometimes they also qoute fixed based on what all you require him to do. So the scope of work matters for the qoute.

If you do your homework you can plan an awsome wedding yourself. Use your resouces, like the wedding magazines checklist, internet (hundreds of ideas). You need organizing skills and be able to give orders in a firm polite way. You definitely need to be able to stay within your budget. A wedding planner can work with your budget and you will be a calmer bride. A big JOB!

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

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A planner can be a valuable aid when it comes to planning your special day. Those in this profession may use the title of production planner or wedding coordinator, but the profession is the same. If you are about to begin the hectic process of , this is a good profession to understand.

For the wedding planner question i say not all because having a wedding planner is costly.

Technically, a wedding planner is someone who helps you plan your wedding. A wedding planner is the one responsible for setting appointments and bookings for the wedding venues or reception areas.

The Wedding Planner movie earned about sixty million four hundred thousand dollars in the box office with a movie budget of thirty-five million dollars.

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The duration of The Wedding Planner is 1.72 hours.

As much as possible. The wedding planner has to no the bride. Otherwise the wedding wont be the bride's and groom's dream wedding, it would be the wedding planner.

The Wedding Planner was released on 01/26/2001.

The Wedding Planner was created on 2001-01-26.

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