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This is a vast topic. Essentially, the Reformation began as an attempt to **reform** the Catholic church, and when the latter showed itself incapable of reforming itself (at least at the time) Martin Luther and others issued a solemn "Protest" in 1529 and relectantly broke away to form their own church. Later of course further divisions followed. (The word "Protest" gave rise to the nickname "Protestant" for the reformers). Please also note that there have been earlier attempts to reform the Catholic Church, for example by Wycliffe (in England) and Hus (in Bohemia and Moravia). The Catholic Church reacted with the utmost savagery at the time.

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How did the Catholic Reformation differ from the Counter-Reformation?

They are the same. The Catholic Reformation is just a different name for the Counter Reformation.

What is cultural reformation?

for me a cultural reformation is a reformation cultural

Which came first the Catholic Reformation or the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation came first and caused the Catholic Reformation.

How did the Catholic reformation play in the counter reformation?

The Catholic Reformation and the counter reformation are two expressions for the same thing.

How do you use reformation in a sentence?

the reformation of...........

What is the edwardian reformation?

what was the edwar4dian reformation

Similarities between Protestant Reformation and European renaissance?

reformation is reformation and protestant is protestant.

Where did the Reformation begin?

The Reformation began in Germany.

When was Of Reformation created?

Of Reformation was created in 1641.

Is the Catholic reformation also known as the post reformation?

It is more generally referred to as the counter-reformation.

What is the difference between reformation and revolution?

A reformation is a violent overthrow of the government, and a reformation is where the government changes peacefully.

What is reformation?

Actually, reformation means "a period of change".

What is another name for the Catholic Reformation?

The Counter Reformation

What were at least 3 outcomes from the Reformation?

Which Reformation are you referring to ? 1) The Martin Luther Reformation in 1517 or 2) Reformation of the Church of England by Henry 8 circa 1533

Which is correct term Catholic Reformation or Counter Reformation?

It is usually referred to as the Counter Reformation but either term is correct.

Are the Reformation and the Catholic Reformation the same thing?

No, the Protestant Reformation is better titled the Protestant Revolt. The Catholic Reformation was just that, a reform of the abuses occurring at the time within the Church.

When was the Reformation of the Soviet Union?

there was no reformation unfortunately for the Russian people

How do you use the word Reformation in a sentence?

The reformation spreaded fast.

What does the term reformation mean?

reformation is a reflecting term of reforming

When was A Retrieved Reformation created?

A Retrieved Reformation was created in 1909.

When was Reformation Wall created?

Reformation Wall was created in 1909.

Who began the Reformation movement?

Martin Luther

When is Reformation Sunday in 2013?

Reformation Sunday is on October 27, 2013. Reformation Day is on Thursday, October 31, 2013.

How is the counter reformation related to the Protestant Reformation?

The counter reformation was the Catholic Church's way of fighting back against the protestants.

What was one major difference between the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation led to the creation of new faiths, while the Catholic Reformation involved changes to an existing faith.