What was the Reinsurance Treaty?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The Reinsurance treaty was a treaty made in 1887 (Prior to WWI) between Russia and Germany stating that if either country were declared war upon the other country would remain neutral.

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Q: What was the Reinsurance Treaty?
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Why did Germany let the reinsurance treaty end?

The reinsurance treaty, simply put, was a secret nonagression pact between Russia and Germany. Germany did not reinstate the treaty because of her complicated web of alliances; specifically, the dual alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Which is more costly treaty or facultative?

Treaty reinsurance is costlier as it deals with the entire risks involved in the contract between the insurerReinsurance comapny) and insured(primary insurer) whereas facultative reinsurance deals with individual risks involved.

What is reinsurance?

Reinsuring is the act of purchasing a reinsurance agreement. Reinsurance is purchased by an insurance company who wishes to transfer part of the risk of loss from an issued policy or group of policies to another insurance carrier. This is done when the limit of insurance for a particular policy would exceed the capacity of an insurance carrier or a carrier needs reinsurance to increase the policy holder surplus required to maintain a sound financial position. Their are two types of reinsurance, treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance. Treaty reinsurance is arranged usually in advance, for a group of policies meeting certain criteria. For example, a treaty reinsurance policy may cover $250,000 of property losses excess of $250,000 for all commercial building properties in a given state. This is called excess of loss treaty reinsurance. This would be used to address capacity issues that occur frequently. Another type of treaty reinsurance is pro-rata reinsurance or share reinsurance. In pro-rata reinsurance, the reinsurer agrees to pay a percentage of all losses on the agreed upon policies. For example, a pro-rata treaty reinsurance policy may pay 50% of all losses of a group of policies. The premium for this type of reinsurance would be 50% of the earned premium for each of the policies covered minus a deduction for policy expense (underwriting and compensation to the agent). This type of treaty reinsurance is used to address a policyholder surplus need of the ceding insurer. Facultative reinsurance is issued for one policy, not a group of policies, and is usually used to address large line capacity, especially in property coverage. Facultative is usually written on an excess of loss basis. For example, an insurance company may have secured treaty reinsurance to write properties of a certain type up to $150 million loss limit, but the insured is requesting $250 million. To write the insurance policy, the insurance company must secure facultative reinsurance in the amount of $100 million excess $150 million. This may be abrivated $100 million xs $150 million. Mark Walters, ARM AAI West Insurance Group

What is surplus reinsurance treaty?

the treaty where cedding company is willing to retain the amount to re insurer on anty one life assured

What is meant by quota share treaty reinsurance?

Quota Share reinsurance is a type of pro rata reinsurance in which the primary insurer and the reinsurer share the amounts of insurance, policy premiums and losses (including loss adjustment expenses) using a fixed percentage. Quota Share reinsurance can be used for both property and liability insurance but is more frequently used in property insurance.

What is Outward Reinsurance?

Reinsurance ceded by an insurer or re-insurer as opposed to inwards reinsurance which is reinsurance accepted.

What is Reinsurance clauses LGT 397?

This is a reinsurance wording clause commonly used in Liability treaty reinsurance. It excludes coverage for liabilities arising in the USA or Canada, but provides a limited write-back of coverage for certain products liability/public liability/employers liability and (in the case of the latest version of LGT 397) personal liability where such coverage is incidental to the underlying policy. - The reason for that is the widespread endeavour to immunize non-US-related reinsurance treaties against US-jurisdiction.

When was Global Reinsurance created?

Global Reinsurance was created in 1990.

What is the difference between facultative and treaty reinsurance?

With Facilitative Reinsurance, individual risks are offered by a ceding insurer for acceptance or rejection by the reinsurer. With Treaty Reinsurance, the reinsurer and ceding (or offering) insurer have agreed that a specified portion of the type or category of risk as specified in the reinsurance treaty will be ceded (or offered) by the insurer and accepted by the reinsurer. Fac covers an individual risk, treaty covers a group of risks.

When was Reinsurance Group of America created?

Reinsurance Group of America was created in 1973.

What is the population of Reinsurance Group of America?

Reinsurance Group of America's population is 1,655.

What is Reinsurance Group of America's population?

The population of Reinsurance Group of America is 2,011.