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Q: What was the Second Vatican Council's point of view of the hierarchy of the Church?
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Similarities between First Vatican Council and Second Vatican Council?

Actually, beyond the fact that they were both Ecumenical Councils of the Church and held at the Vatican, that is about the extent of the similarities, everything else was different. The Second was purely a pastoral Council, the First was a doctrinal Council.

What was the Second Vatican Council changes on beverages in church?

The Second Vatican Council said nothing about beverages in Church.

What has the author Bernard C Pawley written?

Bernard C. Pawley has written: 'The Second Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Anglican-Roman relations and the Second Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Anglican Communion, Catholic Church, Christian union, Church of England, Ecumenical Councils and synods, Ecumenical movement, Relations, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Looking at the Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)

The series of reforms in the Catholic Church was known as what?

Without the question being more specific, it is hard to answer. The most recent series of reform of the Church was the Second Vatican Council, known popularly as Vatican II. It was convened by Pope John XXIII and concluded by his successor, Pope Paul VI. But there have been many reform councils throughout the history of the Church, this is the most recent.

How did the Second Vatican Council influence the history of the Church?

The Second Vatican Council was only held fifty years ago, in the Church's history, that is practically overnight. The influence of the Second Vatican Council will not be able to be evaluated for another 50 to 100 years.

When did the catholic church start saying mass in English?

After the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).

Who was second in the chain of Anglican church hierarchy?

Archbishop of Canterbury

Which group of people were involved in the Vatican Council II?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Second Vatican Council was an Ecumenical Council of the Church. By definition, an Ecumenical Council must be called by the Pope and all the Bishops of the world (or as many as can get there) attend. Vatican Council II was unique among councils as it invited non-bishops as observers.

What is one doctrine that came from Vatican Council II?

There were exactly no doctrines defined at the Second Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council was the first purely pastoral council ever held in the Church.

What were the chief reforms in the Church from the Second Vatican Council?

The chief reforms in the church from the second Vatican Council were: the use of the vernacular language instead of Latin in the Holy Mass; the church tabernacle displaced from the central aisle and the usage of revised Eucharistic prayers in the church. There were the direct reforms.

What are some of the doctrines that came from the Second Vatican Council?

Catholic AnswerNone, the Second Vatican Council was a purely pastoral council. Unlike previous Councils, it made no rulings or clarifications on doctrine.

What language did the Second Vatican Council change in the Catholic church?

The language of the Church is Latin. Vatican II changed the Mass to be in the language of the people of the country. Latin remains the universal language of the church.

What was the Second Vatican Council about?

The Second Vatican Council was an Ecumenical Council called by Blessed Pope John XXIII to "update" the Church in relating to the modern world.

Can you remarry in Vatican 2 when you were previously married in Vatican 1?

No, Vatican Council I and II were Ecumenical Councils of the Church, they had nothing whatsoever to do with whether someone was validly married. That being said, there was a movement after Vatican Council II to try and see more factors which might possibly invalidate a marriage. However, to the best of my knowledge, the Holy Father has put a stop to this. Either way, you could never "remarry". The only time that you could have a second marriage was if they proved that the first marriage was not valid to begin with, thus the second marriage would not really be a second marriage.

What has been the function of Ecumenical Councils in Church history?

Ecumenical Councils, for the most part, have dealt with heresies, from the first one at Nicaea, which dealt with the Arian heresy through the Council of Trent, which dealt with the protestant heresy. that has been their main function, which a few notable exemptions, the Second Vatican Council dealt with no heresies, nor even any doctrinal issues, it was strictly a pastoral council. Unfortunately, due to the climate of the times, and the deep vein of Modernism which was running underground at the time, heresy followed that Second Vatican Council.

What Were The Structural Changes Made as a consequence of the council known as vatican 2?

The Second Vatican Council was a pastoral Council, it made no changes to Church doctrine, or to the structure of the Church itself.

Why did the Second Vatican Council occur?

Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council to update the Church; to open a window and let in some fresh air. He felt that the Church was not a museum, but a living, vibrant body that the People of God should be able to understand.

What made the Second Vatican Council different from the others?

Anther answer from our community:.The main difference between the Second Vatican Council and the twenty ecumenical councils that preceded it is the the first twenty councils were always primarily concerned with doctrinal concerns and with pastoral concerns secondarily. I believe all of the previous councils had been called to deal with particular heresies that had arisen, from the First Council of Nicaea which dealt with Arianism to the Council of Trent with dealt with protestantism, I'm not sure about the First Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council, however, dealt with no doctrinal issues whatsoever and was not called because of any problems with heresies but was primarily a pastoral council. Blessed Pope John XXIII called the Council to deal with updating or making the Church more sensitive to the issues in the modern world. Unlike the previous Councils which settled heresies, the Church had to deal with a number of heresies that arose after the Council.

What was the Second Vatican Council and why is this important for Catholicism?

The Second Vatican Council was the 22nd Ecumenical Council of the Church, and the first in a century. Unlike all the previous Councils it was not called per se to deal with any particular heresy, and it was not a dogma council, it was called purely to enable the Church to deal better with the modern world, the world which She is called to evangelize. It is of great importance for the Catholic Church, because, as a General Ecumenical Council approved by the Pope, it's call is binding on every Christian in the world, we must listen and understand what it is saying to us, and then go out and put it into action. Unfortunately, for the past 50 years, the Council has not been understood by most of the Church and consequently a "spirit of Vatican II" has been followed instead of the actual Council documents. Pope Benedict XVI took pains to point out that the "spirit of Vatican II" was an hermeneutic of rupture, and thus was heretical.

When were the Vatican Councils held?

The First Vatican Council was convoked December 8th, 1869 but was suspended in 1870 with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. The council never resumed and was finally formally closed in 1960. The Second Vatican Council opened October 11th, 1962 and was closed December 8th, 1965.

Who convoked the council of the Church in 1959?

Pope Blessed John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council.

What is the holiest place for the Catholic religion?

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This is traditionally known as the place where Jesus was crucified. Close second is the Vatican as this is the 'head' of the Church.

What is the most explicit change in the Church brought by the Vatican II?

Catholic AnswerThe Second Vatican Council was not a doctrinal Council, and thus made NO changes in the Church's doctrine. Vatican Council II, for the first time in history, was an entirely pastoral council. Of the twenty-one ecumenical councils of the Church, Vatican Council II was the only one to not deal with any doctrinal issues. The task assigned to the Council by Pope John XXIII was Aggiornamento, in Italian this means a bringing up to date. The Pope asked the Council to try to speak to the people of modern times, to put things in terms that they could understand, to make things more relevant to them. .Thus the most explicit change in the Church was one where the Church was called to be more outgoing, to train its faithful in the Christian life to realize that, as Christians, they are of necessity, evangelists.

Why did the Second Vatican Council from?

Catholic AnswerLike all Ecumenical Councils of the Church, it was called by a Pope, in this case, Pope John XXIII. It is "from" the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Spirit guides the Church, guides the Holy Father, and, particularly in an Ecumenical Council, guides their decisions, which, if and when ratified by the Holy Father, are infallible decisions of the Magisterium, as these were by Pope Paul VI.

What has the author Charles W Elmer written?

Charles W. Elmer has written: 'The pastoral work of the Methodist Church of the U. S. in the light of certain documents of the Second Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Church membership, Methodist Church (U.S.), Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)