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What was the US' military role in the defeat of Germany during World War 2?


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The United States provided significant amounts of military personnel, war material, and equipment to the Allied war effort, along with significant amounts of Lend-Lease weapons and supplies given to other Allied nations.

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The Battle of the Atlantic from 1939 to the defeat of Germany in 1945 .

He didn't save Germany, he plunged Germany into World War II, which ultimately led to millions of deaths, the military defeat of Germany and its division into West and East Germany.

Kaiser Wilhelm emperor of Germany since 1888

For much of World War 1 Germany was in effect a military dictatorship run by Hindenburg and Ludendorff.

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The Allies sought to liberate Europe from the Nazis and restore order .

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The military of Germany during World War II was advanced. Hitler developed stronger and better weapons during his rise as opposed to France, the United Kingdom etc.

The military defeat was total. The country was under Allied rule, Germany was ruined and was morally bankrupt. However, thanks largely to the Cold War, West Germany achieved a remarkable recovery.

after pushing the British out of Dunkirk the German military decided to turn his attention to russia and bomb England into submission.

Save Britain first (most other countries were occupied by Germany, including France). Then defeat Japan.

He wanted to restore Germany ( since its humiliating defeat during WWI), expand the living space of Germans, Ridding the world of the Jewish population.

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Adolf Hitler was leader of Nazi Germany during world war two and the German military.

Americans and the British were allies during WWI and helped each other out in order to defeat the central power Germany.

If you are referring to Allied Military Police units in Germany, 1944-45, I can assist you. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

World War I reparations' were the payments and transfers of property and equipment that Germany was forced to make under the Treaty of Versailles following its defeat during World War I.

In the World War II era, several factors combined to result in the military (and otherwise total) defeat of Nazi Germany. The combined industrial and military power, as well as the moral fortitude, of the Allied nations was the primary factor. Hitler's own over-confidence and recklessness with his military force was another important factor. Another often-overlooked factor in the critical combination was the intelligence war: the Allies achieved numerous breakthroughs in intelligence (often with the help of sympathizers within Germany) that were decisive in their military success against Hitler.

For the US everything besides Europe and the Pacific was a sideshow, the defeat of Germany and Japan was the goal.

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