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Q: What was the World War 2 event that killed the most people civilian and military?
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How many people were killed in World War I?

About 16 Million people, military and civilian, died in World War I.

How many people died in world war 2 in Thailand?

Around 7600 people from Thailand were killed (both civilian and military).

How may died in World War 2?

Around 71 Million people were killed during WW2, that's civilian and military deaths.

How many people from nz died in World War 2?

In total, New Zealand lost 11,900 people. All of this were military deaths as not a single civilian was killed.

How many British killed during World War 2?

451,000 British people were killed during World War 2, 390,000 Being Military Deaths and 61,000 being Civilian Deaths.

How many british deaths World War 2?

Roughly 450,000 people of UK origin were killed in the Second World War. This number includes military and civilian deaths.

How many Japanese were killed during World War 2?

Around 3.12 Million Japanese people were killed during World War 2, 2.12 Million being Military Deaths and 1 Million being Civilian Deaths.

How many military and civilian people from each country died in world war 2?

Germany military - 3,250,000 civilian - 2,350,000 Italy military - 226,900 civilian - 60,000 Japan military - 1,740,000 civilian - 393,400 US military 405,000 civilian - 68 (Pearl Harbor) France military 122,000 civilian - 470,000 England military - 305,800 civilian - 6,700,000 Russia military - 11,000,000 civilian - 6,700,000 China military - 1,400,000 civilian - 8,000,000 Poland- from 5.5m to 6.5m all together (not caunting many soldiers who fleed the country and joined army in other countries)

How many people died in 2 world war?

The numbers listed below are from a high school textbook are estimated. Axis Powers include: Japan military -1,740,000 civilian - 3939,400 Italy military -226,900 civilian - 60,000 Germany military-3,250,000 civilian-2,350,000 5 Primary Allied Powers: United States military-405,000 civilian-68 France military-122,000 civilian-470,000 Britain military-305,800 civilian-60,600 Russia military-11,000,000 civilian-6,700,000 China military-1,400,000 civilian-8,000,000

What were the military and civilian losses for Germany Britain US China and Japan in World War 2?

Germany military-3,250,000 civilian-3,810,000 Britain military-452,000 civilian-60,000 United States military-295,000 civilian-minimal China military-3,500,000 civilian-10,000,000 Japan military-1,700,000 civilian-360,000

What has the most deaths World War 1 or world war 2?

World War II had an incredibly larger number of deaths if including both civilian and military loss of life. In the second World War, over 60 million people were killed, and in the first World War, approximately 37 million people were killed.

How many people died in the Philippine Islands during World War 2?

Around 1 Million People from the Philippines during World War 2 were killed, 57,000 being Military deaths and 950,000 being Civilian Deaths.

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