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What was the advantage of the railroad to the north?

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The railroad brought several advantages to the North. It helped get supplies to those who needed them. This included food. It was also a way to transport soldiers.

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What section north or south had more expensive railroad network?

North had more railroads which was an advantage to move people and supplies.

Where were most of the railroad tracks in the US before the civil war?

In the North - a big tactical advantage for the Union.

What was one advantage the north had during the war?

The north had more railroad systems, had a huge population advantage so the south was out-numbered, and they had more resources. Theres more than one to choose from for you.

Did the north have more railroad track than the south?

Yes, the north had more railroad tracks then the South. This is because the North needed the railroads to connect the cities with the other cities and small towns. The North also needed more railroad tracks because the North was in charge of transporting goods that the South grew. Since the North had more railroads then the South, the North had an advantage when the Civil war came along because they could transport troops guicker.

When was North River Railroad created?

North River Railroad was created in 1881.

When did North River Railroad end?

North River Railroad ended in 1881.

When did North Pennsylvania Railroad end?

North Pennsylvania Railroad ended in 1976.

When was North Pennsylvania Railroad created?

North Pennsylvania Railroad was created in 1853.

When was Metro-North Railroad created?

Metro-North Railroad was created in 1983.

When did Western North Carolina Railroad end?

Western North Carolina Railroad ended in 1894.

When was Western North Carolina Railroad created?

Western North Carolina Railroad was created in 1855.

When was North Pacific Coast Railroad created?

North Pacific Coast Railroad was created in 1871.

When did North Pacific Coast Railroad end?

North Pacific Coast Railroad ended in 1902.

When was North Pemberton Railroad Station created?

North Pemberton Railroad Station was created in 1892.

When was Croton North Railroad Station created?

Croton North Railroad Station was created in 1890.

What is the advantage to the north in its substantial lead in railroad mileage?

It meant that whole armies could be moved by train, as well as all kinds of war supplies.

What is the transcontinental railroad?

a railroad that runs across the contient... the transcontinental railroad is a railroad that reaches from North Carolina to California.

Does the Underground Railroad run through North Carolina?

yes, North Carolina was part of the underground railroad.

What is one geographic advantage the south had over the north?

The south had interior lines of communication and a railroad system to exploit this advantage by shifting troops where they were needed. The south was also on the Gulf of Mexico, which was a commonly used trading port.

What direction did the underground railroad go?

the underground railroad went north

Which section north or south had more extensive railroad network?

The North had a much more extensive railroad network.

When was North Creek Railroad Station Complex created?

North Creek Railroad Station Complex was created in 1871.

When did Western Railroad - North Carolina - end?

Western Railroad - North Carolina - ended in 1879.

When was Western Railroad - North Carolina - created?

Western Railroad - North Carolina - was created in 1852.

Did the South or the North have a more extensive railroad network during the US Civil War?

The North and a more extensive railroad network than did the South during the US Civil War. Northern rail tracks were tat least double the miles of rail lines available to the South. This gave the North a vast advantage in transporting troops and supplies. Although the South had less railroad track, some historians believe that the South utilized what they had in a more efficient way.