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What was the aim for the black hand gang?


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the aim of the black hand gang, was to try and get al serbs to live together, not to kill the air 'franz ferdinand'.


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The Black Hand Gang was created in 1930.

7 people were in the black hand gang

The black hand gang were a group of internationalists who started ww1

yes the black hand gang did cause ww1

Gavrilo Princip was the youngest of the Black Hand Gang and he was also the one that killed Franz Ferdinand.

The black hand gang wanted the austria-hungarian empire out of bosnia herzegovina which had a large population of serbs.

The black hand gang was the name of the gang which killed Franz Ferdinand.

Enrico Caruso betrayed the Black Hand Gang. He was being black-mailed and went to the police. Two men were arrested because of Enrico Caruso.

He was assassinated by the Black Hand gang!

Gavrilo Princip of the Black Hand Gang

the people who are in front of the movies

yeah, there was one in conneticut, for abotu 2 years the leader got sentenced for 24 years! not sure what they did thoo! :) so who was the leader of the black hand gang????????????????????????????????????

The black hand gang wanted to kill Franz Ferdinand because they wanted to get revenge; they always treated them wrong so they wanted to be free.

The cast of The Black Hand Gang - 2010 includes: Jared Berry as Michael James Lariviere as Officer Colin Willms as Ronald

The members of the Serbian Black Hand Gang were: Gavrilo Princip Vaso Cubrilovic Trifko Grabez Cvjetko Popovic Danilo Ilic Nedjelko Cabrinovic Muhamed Mehmedbasic

The Black Hand Gang were a group of Bosnian-Serb assassins. Gavrilo Princip, the man who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie, was a member of the Black Hand Gang. In the BHG was a range of people, including suicide bombers, grenade throwers, gunmen etc.their fixer was danillo illic.

Gavrilo Princip was in a group called the "Black Hand Gang" who wanted freedom from Austria and wanted Bosnia to be under their rule. The "Black Hand Gang" was later known as "Young Bosnia"

The Black Hand Gang were a group of Anarchists behind the plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

two of the black hand gang were killed but the rest were under 20 years of age and were given from 20 years to life in jail, gavrilo princip died of tuberculosis 4 years later

The cast of The Black Hand Gang - 2004 includes: Jeff Hollinger as William Stropes Jeremy Menard as Ormond Jennings John Stegemann as David Lyons

On June 28 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, were murdered by thugs from the Black Hand.

they hoped to gain respect and they wnated to be remembered

He was shot by Gavrillo Pricep, a member of the Black Hand Gang.

There are a couple of groups that used the name of Black Hand Gang. The gang to free the Serbs prior to WWI killed Archduke Ferdinand and his pregnant wife. The other was a prohibition-era mafia called the same name and the deaths they were responsible for were at least in the dozens.

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