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Q: What was the attitude towards slaves both before and after the Revolution?
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How were the slaves affected by the American revolution?

The revolution was irrelevant to the slaves; they were slaves before the revolution and they remained slaves after the revolution. It wasn't until the Civil War that things changed.

What was Thomas Jefferson's attitude towards slavery?

I think he himself owned slaves.

Attitude towards slavery in the southern colonies?

The attitude towards slavery in the Southern colonies was that slavery was good and necessary. Slave owners felt that slaves were treated better than free laborers.

Describe slavery in the middle colonies or the attitude towards it?

they had bad attitude slaves were able to earn money slaves were not allowed to ride on a ship without permission some worked on farms but mosted worked in the city

Were there a lot of slaves in Pennsylvania?

No. There were no slaves. Slavery was outlawed in Pennsylvania by 1775. Pennsylvania was a Quaker state that made a difference in attitude towards other people.

What type of industry did England have before the industrial revolution began?

Working as slaves

Which of the following groups made up the largest portion of Saint-Domingue's population before the Haitian Revolution?

African slaves

How did the fact that people began living longer in the colonies affect attitude towards labor?

It increased the value of owning slaves over hiring indentured servants.

What was Rhode Island's attitude towards slavery?

A large number of Rhode Islanders were involved in the fanancing and transportation of slaves and Rhode Island had more slaves then any other New England Colony. It was a very profitable enterprise.

What groups of people lived in Venezuela before the revolution?

- African Slaves & The Native Population .

What was Jefferson's attitude towards African Americans?

Thomas Jefferson opposed the slave trade and worked to prevent slavery. However, Thomas Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves on his plantations.

Did any slaves fight in the American Revolution?

yes slaves fought in the American Revolution because they were running out of people.

Describe slavery in the New England Colonies and the attitude towards it?

the new England colonies did not have as many slaves as down south because up north most people opposed slavery.

What was Columbus attitude towards the natives Americans?

He wrote in his diary that he had met the Native people of Hispanolia and thought they would make good slaves. He wasn't sure they were human and was positive they were inferior.

Who built the railroads during the industrial revolution?

it was slaves including black slaves and asian slaves

Did the Industrial Revolution increase the demand for slaves?

I think so- after the Industrial Revolution more slaves were needed to man the different machines

Which revolution was led by slaves?


Was the Haitian revolution a true revolution?

The haitian revolution a true revelution, because it was led by the true slaves who were willing to sacrify everything to earn their freedom, and to be free from oppression. And it was the only real slaves revolution in the univers story period.

What was the attitude of Southern Whites towards slavery before the Civil War?

They felt slave labor was crucial to keep the economy going strong.

Who led the Revolution of Haiti?

former slaves

Did the slaves get emancipated after the American revolution?


What people helped John Brown in his attempt to start a revolution among slaves?

The sons of John Brown helped him in his attempt to start a revolution among the slaves.

What inspired the Haitian revolution?

The French revolution inspired the Haitian revolution. It came about after a prolonged struggle by the slaves in Saint Domingue.

What were rights that slaves had?

the rights that slaves had was that they couldn't go out side unless they are finished doing their work,they work for their masters ,and they can not have attitude with their master

What was Lincoln's attitude about the freeing of the slaves?

He was concerned about who would now build the pyramids.

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