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What was the battle at Stanford Bridge?

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The battle of Stamford Bridge was between Harald Hardraada, a tough viking, and the new King Harold Godwinson. Before Harald Hardraada fought Harold Godwinson, he fought two English Earls: Edwin and Morcar, I believe, in York.

To the point, in the battle of Stamford Bridge the English fought in tight ranks while the vikings where split up. Harold Godwinnson used a formation called the ramming formation to break to the vikings. after that an archer shot Hardradas throat and most of the vikings fled. the rest swapped sides.

After the battle of Stamford Bridge, only about 200 soldiers/ships went back, despite the thousands he brought over. Harald Hardraada lost whilst Harold Godwinson claimed victory but later had to go and fight William of Normandy and his Norman army in The Battle of Hastings

Both the Battle of Stamford Bridge and The Battle of Hastings were fought in England. The Battle of Hastings is said to be the most famous English battle ever.

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Who won the battle of Stanford bridge?

Harold godwinson won the battle of Stanford bridge

What came first battle of Hastings or the battle of Stanford bridge?

Stamford Bridge

Was the battle of hastings and the battle of Stanford bridge on the same day?


When was the battle of Stanford bridge?

Early 1066

What year was the battle of Stanford Bridge?

September 25 , 1066 and by the way it is stamford bridge not Stanford just to let you know

Who won the Stanford bridge battle in1066?

Harold godwinson and by the way its not stanford its stamford

What city was the battle of Stanford bridge near to?


Did William win the battle of Stanford bridge?

No, he wasn't there. Harold Godwinson won at Stanford Bridge against Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson

How many soldiers were involved in the battle of Stanford bridge?


How far did Harold walk to the battle of Stanford bridge to the battle of hastings?

230 miles

What was the name of the battle king Harold fought with Harald hadrada?

The Battle of Stanford Bridge.

Who was fighting who in The battle of Stanford bridge?

Harald Hadrada and Harold Godwinson

When was battle of Stanford bridge fought?

It was fought on the 25th of September 1066

What happend to Harold hardrada after he won the battle of Stanford bridge?

Harold Hardrada lost the Battle of Stamford Bridge to King Harold Godwinsson

Did Harold Hardrada die in the battle at Stanford bridge?

Yes - he was killed at Stamford Bridge on September 25, 1066.

Which battles took place in 1066?

The Battle of Fulford and The Battle of Stanford Bridge against the Vikings, and The Battle of Hasting against the Normans

Where was the battle between Harold hardaara and Harold godwinson?

The battle between Harold Hardaarda and Harold Godwinson was at Stanford Bridge.

Who died first Harold hadrada or Harold godwinson?

Harald Hadrada at the Battle of Stanford Bridge :)

How many days after the Stanford bridge battle did Harold go and fight William?

2 weeks later

How did harald die in the battle of Stanford bridge 1066?

ignore my sister hacked into my acount to ask stupid questions

Where did William and his forces land and in the battle of the Hastings?

South coast of England about 50 miles awy from Stanford bridge

Were is Stanford bridge?

it was in the south

Why was William much luckier than Harold?

Harolds army was worn out and tired for they had fought at another battle earlier at Stanford bridge

Who fpught in the battle of Stanford Bridge?

The English army under King Harold Godwinson fought and won the Battle of Stamford Bridge, against an invading Norwegian army led by King Harald Hardrada, and Harold's brother, Tostig Godwinson.

Where did the English Defeat the Vikings?

Stanford bridge