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The battle of Stamford Bridge was between Harald Hardraada, a tough viking, and the new King Harold Godwinson. Before Harald Hardraada fought Harold Godwinson, he fought two English Earls: Edwin and Morcar, I believe, in York.

To the point, in the battle of Stamford Bridge the English fought in tight ranks while the vikings where split up. Harold Godwinnson used a formation called the ramming formation to break to the vikings. after that an archer shot Hardradas throat and most of the vikings fled. the rest swapped sides.

After the battle of Stamford Bridge, only about 200 soldiers/ships went back, despite the thousands he brought over. Harald Hardraada lost whilst Harold Godwinson claimed victory but later had to go and fight William of Normandy and his Norman army in The Battle of Hastings

Both the Battle of Stamford Bridge and The Battle of Hastings were fought in England. The Battle of Hastings is said to be the most famous English battle ever.

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