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The Civil War, or the War Between the States

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Did the battle for ft. Sumter further the north and south

The battle was a Union (North) victory.

what does the north call the battle of shiloh

The North and the South called it the Battle of Fredericksburg. Almost 1,900 soldiers from the North and South died in the battle along with thousands more wounded.

The north did because the south retreated

North and south of what? England? Korea? France?

The North won the Battle of Fort Henry.

The north was fighting the south and the north win the battle of the war

The first big battle in the Civil war against the North and South and the South won.

the north was totally invaded by the south and the north totally invaded the south. the north was going to blockade the south and then invade it. The south was going to ware down the north and then invade it

describe the battle at gettsburg.what is the importance of this battle?who wins?

the south used bubble beam on the north.... seriously?...

The North was called the Union and the South was called the Confederate.

the north and south. north was called the union and the south was called the confederacy

The South had won that battle when the North invaded that town.

There were two Battles of Bull Run as it was called in the North (or two Battles of Manassas as it was called in the South). In the first battle (1861), General McDowell was the general for the North, and General Beauregard was the general for the South. In the second battle (1862), General Pope was the general for the North, and General Lee was the general for the South.

The South fought the North.

North: General McCllelan South: General Lee

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