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There were hundreds of battlefields in the Civil War, not just one.

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The cast of Civil War Battlefields - 1997 includes: Fergus Stone as Narrator

Save Our History - 1998 Civil War Battlefields was released on: USA: 23 June 2001

There are civil war battlefields that cover a wide path in many counties in Kentucky.

The battlefields of the US Civil War were booming from artillery shots and rifle and musket shots. There was smoke and shouting among the soldiers and the galloping cavalry horses.

8 civil war battlefields Bull Run Fort Sumter Port Royal Sound Antietam Fort Donelson Fredricksburg Memphis Roanoke Island

Not physically ( no battlefields) , but New Hampshire did send troops to fight.

Abraham Lincoln visited the battlefields on occasion during the Civil War.

At the outbreak of the war, she was living in Washington, D.C. During the war she served on several battlefields in Virginia.

Photography played a role in the Civil War. It let civilians see what the war was like. Mathew Brady was a photographer who took pictures of soldiers, camp life, and battlefields.

Clara Barton was the founder of the Red Cross. She was a nurse on the battlefields in the USA Civil War.

Weapons were used in battle during the civil war, at many battlefields in both North and South territory. The early forms of machine guns were used for the first time in the Civil War.

While New Jersey was far from the battlefields, it did provide substantial numbers of troops and war material to the Union.

They were in poor conditions that lead to illness, which caused more deaths than on the battlefields.

There bad condition of battlefields, muddy, wet and cold

The battlefields would be the most deadly place during its time. One of the most important people people who helped wounded soldiers during the war was Clara Barton, or better know as the angel of the battlefield!

they were the business owners,plantation owners,they had to work on the battlefields as nurses,they had to cook&clean and they were regular hosewives

Bull Run/Manassas Chancellorsville Gettysburg Shiloh Vicksburg Chickamauga Chattanooga Fredericksburg

The official name of the American Civil War is the "War of the Rebellion"

The Civil war was given that name because it was a battle for civil rights...

Fascist governments of Germany and Italy sympathised with gen. Franco. Battlefields of Spanish Civil War were a proving ground for German forces and new weapons, especially for airforce.

Approximately half a million people were killed in the American Civil War.NEW RESPONDENTAltogether, on the battlefields, in the hospitals, in captivity and on the sea, the deaths were 365,205 for the Union and about 320,000 for the Confederacy.

The civil war was the name of the war?

Afghanistan, Latin America, Central America and Africa

ok the civil war was named civil war because it was a civilization and it was a war between slavery

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