What was the capital of Czechoslovakia?

Prague was Czechoslovakia's capital from 1918 until the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in January 1, 1993. It remained the capital of the Czech Republic, while Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia.

Czechoslovakian reformers adopted shock therapy, an abrupt economic reform toward free-market economics, lowering trade barriers, removing price controls, and ending subsidies to state-owned businesses, but also increasing inflation and unemployment in the process. This sudden shift caused a dispute between the country's two parts, eventually separating them, despite President Václav Havel's urge for unity.

* Poland was occupied by Germany and the Soviet Union from 1938 until near the end of World War II (January, 1945). Kosice, a city in eastern Czechoslovakia, became a temporary residence for the Czechoslovak Government, and later also for the President of Czechoslovakia, until the liberation of Prague in May 1945.