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To take over the world

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What type of government did Spain have durning world war 2?

Spain had dictatorship during world war 2.

How did the rise of dictorship and the attack on pearl harbor cause the united states to become involved in world war 2?

The dictatorship and the attack in Pearl Harbor caused the US to become into the war because it was in America. This is what started World War 2.

Were Spain a democracy in World War 2?

No, it was a Fascist dictatorship under Franco.

What happened when the US occupied Japan after World War 2?

the military dictatorship of pre-war Japan was replaced with democracy

Who was Italy leaders during World War 2?

Italy, during the Second World War, was ruled as a dictatorship by Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.

What type of government did the Soviet Union have in World War 2?

It was a Communist dictatorship headed by Josef Stalin.

What was the government of Italy during World War 2?

Dictatorship. Benito Mussolini.PCH: FASCIST dictatorship "The fascist leader of Italy during WWII was Benito Mussolini. "

How did the Saar cause World War 2?

The Saar did not cause World War 2. It was returned peacefully to Germany after a plebiscite (referendum) in 1935.

What type of government did Burma have after World War 2 ended?

After World War II, Burma became an independent nation, initially as a democratic nation. The country became a military dictatorship in 1962, following a coup. The military dictatorship ended in 2011.

Did World War 2 cause the Korean War?


Was Britain as dictatorship in World War 2?

Technically it was. All elections were suspended during the war meaning that, strictly speaking, Britain was not a democracy.

What type of government Spain was in world war 2?

During WW2 Spain was under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco

Was Italy a communist country before or during World War 2?

No it was a kingdom that Mussolini turned into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Germany's form of government in world war 2?

Germany had a socialist government with Hitler as a dictator. Thus it was a dictatorship.

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