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What was the climate of the southwest region?


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the climate of the southwest region is hot and dry


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The Southwest is mainly composed of desert, which makes the climate in the region dry and hot.

The southwest region has more varied terrain than the rest of the regions

The southwest is desert area, and deserts are very dry.

The location, the climate, the flora and the fauna and other factors make the Southwest a unique region.

If you are referring to the United States, that would be the southwest region.

I have a question for you! Its do you even have a brain?

Dry summers and wet winters, and is mediterranian

The geography and the climate of the southwest cultural region most likely affected the American Indians who lived there by controlling what they could grow and how they had to live with the scarcity of water and high temperatures.

They all are in the southwest of the U.S. and have the same climate.

the southwestTexas is in the region of the American southwest.

The southwest is a hot desert, which explains the warm temperature. Just being a desert explains the dryness because deserts are always dry.

what crops grow in the southwest region

Because it is located in the southwestern US.

If you are referring to the United States, that would be the southwest region.

humid continental climate region, subarctic climate region, arctic climate region, and a semiarid climate region.

The southwest is hot and dry.

The southwestern region is a desert climate, so the animals there must be able to survive in the extreme heat with little water. Animals that live in the southwest include prairie dogs, jack rabbits, wolves, and coyotes.

it is in the southwest of the US

what was the southwest climate/wether

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