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Continental Congress

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Q: What was the countries source of government at the time of the constitutions signing?
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What was the country's source of government at the time of the constitutions signing?

Continental Congress

What was the country's source of government at the time of the constitution signing?

Continental Congress

At the time of the constitution signing what was the country source of government?

Continental Congress

Why is the 1992 constitution the only source of law in Ghana?

Since the first republican Constitution in 1960, Ghana has had three other Constitutions. These are the 1969, 1979 and 1992 Constitutions. The earlier constitutions can be located in the historic constitutions volume of Constitutions of Countries of the World. Blaustein, Albert P. and Gilbert H. Flanz, eds. New York, Oceana, 1971- The current 1992 Constitution is available in the modern constitutions volumes of Constitutions of the Countries of the World. Oceana'sConstitutions of the Countries of the World is also available online through paid subscription. The current 1992 Constitution is available free of charge online (see also

What is the constitutions necessary and proper clause in the source of which federal power?

Implied Powers

What technology does activex use to establish the source of activex controls?

Digital code signing

What is a source of scandal and rumored to lack compassion?

Marie Antoinette has been named as someone that was a source of scandal and lacked compassion. This is a popular flash card quiz question.

What is the government source of income?

Individual income taxes is the federal government's largest source of funds.

What was the source of fear of a weak central government?

They feared that the states would not hold together and break off into other countries. States under a weak central government could make their own money and have laws contrary to the central government.

WHAT IS Classification of constitution?

Constitution can be classified as written or unwritten, rigid or flexible, federal or unitary, and supreme or subordinate. Written constitutions are explicitly outlined in a single document, while unwritten constitutions are not codified. Rigid constitutions are difficult to amend, while flexible ones can be easily changed. Federal constitutions establish a division of powers between central and regional governments, whereas unitary constitutions centralize power. Finally, a constitution is supreme when it is recognized as the highest source of law, whereas subordinate constitutions derive their authority from higher laws or documents.

What is the source of power for the US government?

The most important source of political power for the US government is the people.

Is there an on-line source to view the provisions of Maine's original constitution?

The following website has a comparison of the original and statutory Maine Constitutions: