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It was not made of the dogwood, since no dogwood has ever been reported to have grown in the Middle East. Likely it was made of cedar or cypress, both of which are indigenous to that area. The myth of the dogwood was originated in Europe or even perhaps the early days of the United States. There is absolutely no historical evidence that the dogwood tree ever grew straight and tall as the legend would have us believe.

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Olive tree

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Q: What was the cross of Jesus made of?
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What was cross of jesus made of?

It was made of wood.

Who was made to carry Jesus Cross?

He was

What is the cross made out of?

the cross is made of wood but it is not what it is made of it is the thought. Jesus died on the cross showing full self sacrifice

What was the cross Jesus died on made of?


Who made Jesus the cross?

The cross was either made by the Romans or by their slaves, there is a possibility that the three of them made their own crosses.

What happened to Jesus on good Friday?

On good Friday Jesus was made fun of and crucified. The people wanted to kill Jesus so they nailed him to a cross. They whipped Jesus and made him carry his cross to the hill of Golgotha.There he was crucified.

What was jesus' crown made of o the cross?

It was made of thorns.

Who made the cross?

Jews killed jesus christ!

What was the tree that Jesus was hung on?

Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross, not a tree, but undoubtedly made of wood. The reference to being hung on a tree relates to the fact that the cross was made of wood.

What sayings of Jesus was made on the cross?

There are a number of sayings of Jesus from the cross, and most of them are written in the Gospel of John, chapter 19, if you care to read them.

What are some of the final events in Jesus' life?

Hung on a cross and stabbed a few times. Jesus is Condemned to Die Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross Jesus Falls the First Time Jesus Meets His Mother Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face Jesus Falls the Second Time Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem Jesus Falls the Third Time Jesus is Stripped Jesus is Nailed to the Cross Jesus Dies on the Cross Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

How long did Jesus stay on the cross?

6 hours. Jesus stayed on the cross until the Romans stabbed a spear into Jesus' side and made sure that he was dead. Then he was laid in a tomb to be risen.

Was it the tree that Jesus dies on?

no that would be a cross that you are thinking of. made out of a tree but a cross is vital in the christian easter.

What is Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross?

Because back then the people who were being crucified were made to carry there own cross as punishment and because i told him to

Who were the to men beside Jesus on the cross?

Do you mean who were the men beside Jesus on the cross, or the men to put Jesus on the cross

How much did the cross of Jesus weigh?

This information is not given in the Bible. No mention is made of the weight of the cross, in any units.

Is the dog wood tree what JESUS cross made of?

No it was more likely a teak wood used to make the cross.

Who hung Jesus on the cross?

The Romans hung Jesus on the cross.

The cross without Jesus Christ on it what does it stand for?

The cross without Jesus on it signifies that He is risen & no longer on the cross..Jesus is alive.

What are the fourteen Stations of the Cross?

Jesus is condemned to deathJesus is given his crossJesus falls the first timeJesus meets His MotherSimon of Cyrene carries the crossVeronica wipes the face of JesusJesus falls the second timeJesus meets the daughters of JerusalemJesus falls the third timeJesus is stripped of His garmentsCrucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the crossJesus dies on the crossJesus' body is removed from the cross (Deposition or Lamentation)Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense

Where was Jesus made to carry his cross to?

Jesus was supposed to carry his cross to Golgotha, the place of crucifixion, just outside Jerusalem. However, he was weakened and not able to, and so it was borne by Simon.

Did jesus died on a cross?

Not only did Jesus die on a cross; but He died on a cross because of His love for you.

What is the symbolic meaning of the cross of Jesus?

Jesus died on the cross so the cross is representing his crucifiction.

How many hours was Jesus on the cross?

Jesus was on the cross for SIX hours.

When did Jesus build the cross?

Jesus didn't build the cross, he was crucified on it.