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Q: What was the cut off age for Canadians for World War 2?
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Does Canada cut down trees?

Yes trees are a resource used by Canadians. The Canadians harvest their forests.

What famous actress cut her hair for the war effort during World War 2?

Veronica Lake

Did the Germans cut off their eyelids to keep awake in World War 2?


Did Germans cut off the breasts of nuns in World War 1?


What was one of the things that the US did in World War 1?

cut peoples heads

Is there a cut off age to become a school teacher?

No, there is no cut-off age.

How do you prevent Infections in World War 1?

a bullet to the brain or cut off limbs

What city was cut in half by USSR after World War 2?

The city of Berlin, in Germany.

What happened to the disguised women in world war 1?

they were given dicks then they cut them off

Was there cut bread during World War 2 in the UK?

because you touch yourself

How do Canadians contribute to global warming?

Canadians drive trucks, waste electricity, heat their houses and fly in aeroplanes, much like the rest of the world. Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) is what contributes to global warming. Canadians have also cut down great forests across Canada. Deforestation is the other cause of global warming.

Why was President Wilson unwilling to cut off trade with Britain in World War I?

President Wilson was unwilling to cut off trade with Britain in World War 1 because the profitable trade with the Allies was extremely important to the United States.

When was the Atlantic cable cut in World War 1?

August 5, 1914 by H.M.S. Teleconia

What angered the Germans the most about the agreement that ended World War 1?

They were blamed for the war, and had to pay the damages and cut down on their military.

What was the most important battle of World War I?

The battle of the hamburgers. The German's supply of burgers was cut off so they invaded America to get more. This caused world war 1.

How did Anne Frank feel in World War 2?

She felt cut off from the world, petrified, taunted, felt like she didn't fit in with the world.

How did herbert hover win respect during World War 1?

HOvering cut down on food consumption "food will win the war"

What was the maximum age for enlistment in World War 2?

In the US, 45 years of age was the cut-off for drafting and enlisting. Of course, when national guard and reserve units were activated, many soldiers were over that age and stayed with their units. The average age for the US fighting man in WW2 was 26, as opposed to 21 in WW1 and 19 in Vietnam.

What were the side effects of the cold war?

Military spending was drastically cut as a side effect of the cold War. World affairs are still influenced today from the Cold War.

World war 2 and curacao connection?

HMS Curacao was cut in half by the SS Queen Mary.

What is the phone number of the Cut Bank World War 2 Airman Memorial in Cut Bank Montana?

The phone number of the Cut Bank Wwii Airman Memorial is: 406-873-5377.

What is the age limit to be on the real World on MTV?

24 is the cut off....wish they would raise it couple of years

What hairstyles did men have in World War 2?

During the Second World War men had a clean cut overall. They usually had combed hair, either sideways or back with shaved sides.

What is a you boat from World War 2?

U-boats were German submarines. in the second world war their job was to sink merchant ships to cut oof supplies from America going to Britain.

In world war 2 why did children have to cut their hair short if they had long hair?

because during World War II, it was considered patriotic to wear short hairstyles, such as the Victory Cut. Short hair symbolised devotion to the war effort, as women factory and military workers were required to have hair above the collar.