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US Patent No. 174,465 was issued to Alexander G. Bell on March 7, 1876, based upon work done by Meucci and others over the preceding 20 years ago.

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Q: What was the date of the first telephone patent?
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Who was the first person that invented a phone?

An undisputed fact is that Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in March 1876. That first patent by Bell was the master patent of the telephone, from which all other patents for electric telephone devices and features flowed

Who was the first person to patent the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

Which was invented first the computer radio television or telephone?

The telephone was invented first. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and obtained the patent on it in 1876.

Was Alexander Graham Bell important?

He was the first person to patent the invention of the telephone>

When and where was the tlephone invented?

The first patent for the telephone was awarded to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. However, the invention of the telephone is disputed.

Which date is printed on a patent?

The date the patent was granted.

What year did Alexander Graham Bell apply for his patent on the telephone?

February 14, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both rushed to the patent office on February 14, 1876, to see who could file the patent for the telephone first. Bell's request was read first, and so the patent was granted to him on March 7 1876.

When did Alexander Grand Bell invent the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first US patent for a telephone n 1876.

Who invented the telephone in1876?

Alexander Graham Bell holds the patent for the telephone in 1876 though there is some dispute as to whom was actually first.

Daniel Drawbaugh claimed to have been the first to have invented the telephone but was denied the patent because he did not have the records to prove it?


Who was the founder of telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell Invented the telephone and sold his patent to AT&T

Were cell phones invented before 1890?

No. The patent for the telephone was first granted in 1876. The first prototype cell phones were not made until the 1970s.

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