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The total was 13 million soldiers killed and 17 million civilians killed

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Q: What was the death toll for soldiers and civilians for world war 1?
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How many people died in the world war2?

For the death toll of soldiers, it is well over 10million and with the death toll of civilians it is 12millions plus.

What is the total death toll in wars?

the total death toll in a war is soldiers and civilians combined

What was the death toll of World War 1?

About 20,000,000 people total Allied Powers: 5.7 Million soldiers, 3.6 Million civilians Axis Powers: 4.0 Million soldiers, 5.1 Million civilians

How many Americans soldiers died during World War 2?

Death Toll of Americans in WWIIThe death toll of Americans was an estimated 406,000 soldiers dead during WWII.

How did illness add to the death toll during the last months of the war?

The war ended in 1918. That coincided with the outbreak of Spanish Influenza. The outbreak turned into an epidemic. The death toll of both soldiers and civilians increased drastically because of the disease.

What was the number of deaths after world war 2?

It Is Estimated That The Death Toll Was Around 62-78 Million Death toll estimates of military casualties and civilians range from 60 million, to 260 million.

Which characteristic made World War 2 different from previous wars?

The death toll was substantially higher for both civilians and military forces

How many people were killed in the Iran-Iraq war?

At least 600,000 people lost their lives (300,000 Iranian soldiers, 150,000 Iraqi soldiers, and 150,000 civilians). The real death toll is probably closer to 2,000,0000 dead (800,000 Iranian soldiers, 350,000 Iraqi soldiers, 200,000 civilians, 200,000 genocide victims, and other miscellaneous deaths).

What was the total civilian death toll in World War 2?

other 50 million other 45 million allies civilians other 5 million axis civilians This is because the Soviets killed 21 million of it own civilians

How US soldiers died in World War 2?

approximately 500,000 the casualities were 936,259 the death toll casualities were 936,259

What was the death toll in Canada during World War 1?

The death toll was about 55,000

How many newfoundlanders died in world war 2?

The military death toll is hard to say as they were part with the British troop deaths but 100 civilians were killed during WW2.

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