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Q: What was the earliest country lost by the Ottoman Empire?
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What modern country lost 12 wars from 1912 to 1913?

the ottoman empire.

What country lost Hungary to austria in the 1700s?

The Austrian Empire reclaimed Hungary from the OTTOMAN EMPIRE, which occupied the region for roughly 200 years.

Who took over the Ottoman Empire after Constantinople?

Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantines Empire, was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1453. No one country took over the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman Empire lost Algeria and Tunisia to the French in 1830 and 1881, Egypt to the British in 1879 and Libya to the Italians in 1912. The empire collapsed when it lost the First World War. The British took over Iraq, Jordan and Palestine. The French took over Syria and Lebanon.

The Ottoman Empire emerged in what is now turkey after which of these groups lost control of the area?

The Ottoman Empire emerged in what is now Turkey after which of these groups lost control of the area?

When did the Ottoman Empire collapse?

Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1923 with the rise of latter state Turkey. Turkey was founded in 1923.1922

Why did empires fail?

.The fall of the Ottoman Empire was brought about by choosing to fight with Germanyagainst the british empire in 1914,They lost so Britain broke up the Ottoman Empire in 1918.

Who lost wwi?

The Central Powers ( the German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria)

Which power lost the first balkan war?

The Ottoman Empire lost the First Balkan War.

Who fought against whom in the Crimean war?

Britain, France, Sardinia, and the Ottoman empire won. Russia lost.

When did the Ottoman Empire take control of Israel?

The Ottoman Empire conquered the territory that currently composes Israel from the Mamluks in 1517 and lost it 1919.

Which European empires were broken up by the Treaty of Versailles?

Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire Germany lost its colonies.

Why would Germany USSR Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire have lost land after first world war?

because they lost, except USSR who withdrew.