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people had not just one job but they had to do anything that needed done

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Q: What was the economy like in Rhode Island in the 1700's?
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What was the land like in 1700s Rhode Island?

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What was everyday life like in the Rhode Island Colony in the 1700s?


What was the economy like in Rhode Island in 1636?

It was very hard. Rhode Island mostly made their economy on fishing, farming, etc.

What was the economy like in colonial Rhode Island?

Farming, fishing and i think textile

What was the economy like in the colony of Rhode Island like?

Difficult. People got most of their economy Fising, Farming, Doing textile, whaling and Trade Fishing.

What is the economy like in rhode island now?

It's very gay compare to now

What were the economics like in Rhode Island?

Colonial Rhode Island's economy was based on farming, forestry and fishing but it developed a major shipbuilding center and was an early leader in the textile industry.

What was the economy like in the 1600s for Rhode Island?

== == It was very bad. They didnt have much money at all. They mostly traded, so there wasn't really an economy!

What was New Jersey's economy like in 1700s?


What does Rhode Island's state license plate look like?

what is the most recent lisense plate in rhode island look like?

What is the soil like in Rhode Island?

Soil in Rhode Island is sometimes rich or dry. In Cumberland, Rhode Island has the rock only found in the state, Cumberlandite.

What was the economy of Connecticut like in the 1700s?

it was the worst economy that ever happened to man kind jk

What was the land and geography like in Rhode Island?

The geography of Rhode Island are mountains and flat plains.

What was Rhode Island like in 1750?

rhode island was finally a colony when Roger Williams made rhode island a colony. he then preached to the people about how you can worship any god you want in any different way.

What do you like about Rhode Island?

Stuffed Quahogs. Rhode Island Clam Chowder (but forget the sour cream).

In what ways were Rhode Island and Massachusetts colonies different?

Rhode Island allowed gay marriage, so people like you could live there,

Is Boston in Rhode Island?

No, Boston is in Massachusetts, They have a Phenix but no Phoenix, Oregon and Rhode Island both have a Newport. Like Nebraska they have a Lincoln and like California they have a Riverside. You can find a Portsmouth in both New Hampshire and in Rhode Island. Virginia, North Carolina and Rhode Island all have a Smithfield. It is most unlikely that any other State has both a Narragnasett and a Woonsocket.

What do chickens look like?

Here is a picture of a Rhode Island Red Rooster. The Rhode Island Red is the most wellknown chicken in America.

In what ways were the Rhode Island and Massachusetts colonies different?

Rhode Island allowed gay marriage, so people like you could live there,

What is smaller than Rhode Island?

well rhode island is the smallest state of item on the globe but most things like you and i are smaller also

What is the plantlife like in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is home to many kinds of plants. They have several kinds of evergreen trees as well as wild flowers.

What was life like for Rhode Island settlers?


What does Rhode Island look like?

it is a roky coastline

What was the environment like in old Rhode Island?


What was school like in Rhode Island in the 1600?