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What was the economy like in colonial Rhode Island?

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Farming, fishing and i think textile

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What was the economy like in Rhode Island in 1636?

It was very hard. Rhode Island mostly made their economy on fishing, farming, etc.

What were the economics like in Rhode Island?

Colonial Rhode Island's economy was based on farming, forestry and fishing but it developed a major shipbuilding center and was an early leader in the textile industry.

What are the settlers like in rhode island in colonial times?


What did the colonial rhode island flag look like?


What is the social life like in colonial Rhode Island?

the social life in rhode island is farming, and lots of other stuff that you will have to look up. but it is mostly about farming.

What was the land like in 1700s Rhode Island?

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Colonial cities in Rhode Island?

there is, Providence, East providence, and like 2 or 3 more

What servants did Rhode Island have in colonial times?

Probably Blacks (not to be mean), like the rest of America.

What is the economy like in rhode island now?

It's very gay compare to now

What was the economy like in the colony of Rhode Island like?

Difficult. People got most of their economy Fising, Farming, Doing textile, whaling and Trade Fishing.

What was the geography and climate like in colonial Rhode Island in the 1600's?

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Colonial Rhode Island social classes?

like most forms of government, the people with more money had more power.

What was the economy like in the 1600s for Rhode Island?

== == It was very bad. They didnt have much money at all. They mostly traded, so there wasn't really an economy!

What kind of games did the settlers in Rhode Island play?

The settlers of colonial Rhode Island played games, which they made themselves due to the lack of a toy factory, like yo-yo's, kites, puzzles, and rag dolls.

What was the economy like in Rhode Island in the 1700's?

people had not just one job but they had to do anything that needed done

What was the land and geography like in Rhode Island?

The geography of Rhode Island are mountains and flat plains.

What is the soil like in Rhode Island?

Soil in Rhode Island is sometimes rich or dry. In Cumberland, Rhode Island has the rock only found in the state, Cumberlandite.

What do you like about Rhode Island?

Stuffed Quahogs. Rhode Island Clam Chowder (but forget the sour cream).

What was colonial economy like in the north?

Colonial economy activities in history includes growing rice,tobacco, and raising livestock.

What was the economy like in Colonial New York?

The economy wasn't at all like today's economy. Mostly Colonial New Yorkers were farmers and sold cash crops, tobacco, and lumber for money.

What was the economy like in colonial New Hampshire?


What was the economy like in colonial Virginia?

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Colonial Rhode Island economics?

The industries that kept the Rhode Island Colony economically healthy included shipbuilding and fishing, as well as whaling. The colonists in Rhode Island were able to produce a lot of whale oil which many people used in oil lamps. The soil was not as rich as it was in some of the other colonies, but they were able to cultivate a lot of beans and corn along with things like squash and pumpkins.

What was Rhode Island like in 1750?

rhode island was finally a colony when Roger Williams made rhode island a colony. he then preached to the people about how you can worship any god you want in any different way.

What products are in the colony Rhode Island?

ANSWER:During the colonial times of Rhode Island, a man by the name of Samuel Slater, an English machinist settled in Rhode Island. Slater, helped to establish the American textile industry. In the late 1700's, he built the first cotton spinning mill driven by water power.Nehemiah and Seril Dodge, Rhode Island brothers, started the jewelry industry in America. Rhode Islanders also were prominent in boatbuilding, fishing, shipping, and whaling industries.Also, during the colonial period, you could find plantations, somewhat like those in the South. Slaves worked the land and took care of the cattle, horses, and sheep. The plantations also produced great quantities of cheese. However, the importation of slaves was prohibited by Rhode Island in 1774.