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What was the education like in colonial Massachusetts?

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In colonial Massachusetts, education was less practical, but more focused on theory and ethics. There were more boys schooling; compared to the number of girls who were enrolled into school.

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What was life like in colonial Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was the center of the revolution.

What was transportation like colonial Massachusetts?

by boat

What was the education like in colonial New York?

education in colonial new york wasn't that important

What was the education like in colonial Georgia?

not important

When was Colonial Society of Massachusetts created?

Colonial Society of Massachusetts was created in 1892.

What was the Daily life like in colonial massachusetts?

Many residents of colonial Massachusetts were Puritans. They followed a strict code of conduct, and religion played a central role in their lives.

What was education like in colonial Pennsylvania?

very educational

What was colonial Massachusetts economy based on?

mostly on industry like now ;-) i think

What was the geography like in 1600's colonial Massachusetts?

it had mild climate

What was education in colonial New York like?

This might help: It speaks about education in colonial America...which would have mostly been New York at that time.

What was colonial Pennsylvania's education like?

it was bad, ughly, and stupif

What types of homes did early settlers live in in colonial Massachusetts?

In colonial Massachusetts they lived in cabins and towns

How did the Connecticut colonial government differ from the Massachusetts colonial government?

how was the government of connecticut different from the one in massachusetts

What was the climate of colonial Massachusetts?

Massachusetts was really cold in the 1600's, not year round though. It is actually much like it is today.

What is the government of colonial Massachusetts?


What was the education like in colonial Delaware?

they got taught by books and farming

Do people get enough education in Massachusetts?

YES! i live in Massachusetts and we do get enough education.

What is Colonial education?

Colonial education refers to education before the American Revolutionary War. The education was determined by the social class of the family.

When was Colonial Massachusetts first founded?

Colonial Massachusetts, or the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was founded in the 17th century. It was founded on the east coast of North America in New England.

What are the features of colonial education?

features of colonial educationit was discriminative in natureit was biasedlow education was provided to the Africans

Colonial charters were granted to?


Politics in colonial Massachusetts?

no slaves

Who settled colonial massachusetts?

the puritans

What was colonial Massachusetts religion?


Where was colonial Salem?

Salem Massachusetts