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Sadly there were millions of people who passed in these "concentration camps", 6 million Jews died, 18 sovients and many more, my grandfather was in the us air corps and was shot down in a b24, on a sucicide mission (by that I mean it was a long flight in a plane with nothing but gas, bombs, and ten men who faced a near impossible mission in an effort to cut 60 of Nazi fuel. The planes were unescorted, and Nazis had many hiding anti aircraft gun hidden. They knew we were on our way. Those brave souls droped their bombs on oil refineries and fuel storage tanks fly100 feet above ground, to low to to para chute, numerous pilots who knew there plane would crash decided to hit a target head on. Of the very few lucky who survived the almost certain explosion were shot down on the way home. He parachuted, and has in a soviet camp, and saw first hand, no one was purposely burn alive, the gas chamber or letal does of morprine was generally "mercy killings" all of Europe starved and its a sad fact that very few women survived, but Warsaw was the cultural center, of jewish culture and most deaths were from the winter and diseases in poland, the food ration in Germany was 500 cal a day for front line fighters. USA produced nearly all food during this period and allied forces were guilty of more "war crimes" than the germans, I live in California where the Japanese American were "evacuated to relocation centers", that had electric wire and guards with machine guns, and the building center in California was almost identical to to Danzig or any other concentration camp, most countries unwilling to accept more than token numbers of Jews, the us and Cuba sent 2000 people away back to Germany. The war has a continuing effect everyday and will most likely result in another world over isreal/palistin and the other wars and insurrections to this day. Very few wanted to be involved but were, my grandfather tried numerous escapes on the last one he was caught by the emaciated 15 year old child guard who aimed his gun and couldn't fire, the guard was lated repatriated with my pow grandfather as his sponsor, by the way uk started bombing civilian to break civilian moral, and america fire bombed Dresden, and open city (no military necessity) killing more civilians in one night than were

Killed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, as for the Medical experiments many horrendous, but most were to were to he keep Jews and the 15 other groups (disabled, gypsies, etc) alive the major cause of mass death was starvation, or deadly disease that spread quickly if not treated or removed, they fouls cures for malaria, typhoidism, must gas (recently declassified but mustard gas is painful and like torture, very few die from it because it cause 1st and 2nd degree burns that take longer to heal, thus was banned after the great war or first world was but and america ship at dock in italy was bombed and 63 of some 380-400 died, from our own mustard that the civilized worlds agreed

Not to use. Burning is a legal wartime measure, if used correctly, like American marines using flame trowers to clear tunnels in the (god bless person who lived during the war. Noone wants to kill and people need to learn from the past. Winners write history. I love the Torah and it a great moral base and family and community builder. By and while he talk of slave labor camps we paid japs only

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