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The Greek city-states in Asia Minor were freed from Persian Empire rule and hoped for peace and independence, only to be swallowed up into an Athenian empire and plunged into the Peloponnesian War.

This ongoing fighting within the Greek world brought Persia to re-absorb them into its empire sixty years later to stop these wars spilling over to its territory.

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Q: What was the effect of the Persian War?
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It caused loss of life and devastation.

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How might the Persian wars have ended if the Spartans has not slowed the Persians at Thermopylae?

The three days at Thermopylae had no effect on the result of the Persian War outcome.

What was the major effect of the Persian War?

In its aftermath, Athens used the anti-Persian Delian League to form an empire, which came into conflict with the Peloponnesian League in a devastating 27-year war.

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No, it had no effect on the course of the invasion. Its effect came much later as a symbol of resistance.

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Athens had the most powerful fleet in the Aegean. and the greek won!!!!:)

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Which particular war? The Persian what?

How might the Persian wars have ended if the Spartans had not slowed at Thermopylae?

The slowing at Thermopylae had no effect on the outcome of the war.

Is Persian empire and Persian war the same thing?

An empire is an empire, a war is a war.

What were the Effects of Persian gulf war on the US?

Which Persian Gulf War?

What is the name of the Greek and Persian War?

We call it today the Persian War.

Which battle in the 2nd Persian war was made famous by the Sparta 300?

First define the Second Persian War. The Persian War ran 499-449 BCE - it had several phases - Ionian Revolt, Persian punitive expedition against Eretria and Athens, Persian invasion of mainland Greece, Greek counter-offensive. Which among this are supposed to be 'First Persian War', Second Persian War' and 'Third Persian War' ?

Did the Persian war have a disastrous effect on the Roman Republic?

The Roman Republic was just a city-state in Italy and not involved in the Persian War 499-449 BCE, which was between Persia and the Greek city-states of the eastern Mediterranean.

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The Greek city-states. Which group of people are you asking about.

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Which Persian War? There were ancient Persian Wars (Persia doesn't exist anymore by the way), Iran used to be called Persia. Which Persian War concerns your question.