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Islam truthfulness, Quran authenticity, and prophet Muhammad call for good morals and good beliefs are the basic reasons for expansion of Islam.

Islam religion called for worshiping God the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, and no associate. Islam called for securing the rights for women, children, and orphans. Islam religion revealed the deviations and alterations that were introduced in previous God religions. Islam called for good morals and called for non racism and non discrimination. Refer to related questions below.


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this is due to Islam truthfulness, tolerance, and peacefulness. Refer to questions below.

How did the Arabs benefit from the expansion of Islam?

Partly due to scale of manufacture, partly due to the cheap and simple method of extraction from the ore, partly due to the ease with which the adundant ore can be mined, partly due to the high (compared to many metals) metal content of ores.

The Mongol destruction of Baghdad as a psychological blow from which Islam never recovered; further expansion of Islam halted.

It prevented Islam from expanding into Western Europe.

yes it is yemen is partly a Muslim country

In many areas on earth deserts are increasing in size, partly due to climate change and partly due to human abuse,

Islamic forces defeated the forces of Mecca.

Expansion occurs when there is a change in volume due to increased temperature. Contraction occurs when there is a decrease in volume due to decreased temperature.

Partly due to dust in the upper atmosphere.

Yea, the spread of Islam provides an example of expansion diffusion. It began in Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia and spread outward while maintaining support in the original location.

Expansion due to heat increase [ thermal expansion ].

The principal behind the expansion was the realisation by the people that Islam is the best religion and that accepting Islam would help them lead.

Some leaders influenced the expansion, and due to rising population in the west.

Islam has great attrction due to its polite and kind lesson.

Due to the forming of guided flow streams resembling those of venturi, the irreversibilities from a sudden contraction are less than those from a sudden expansion. That's why head losses due to sudden expansion are more than sudden contraction.

Rocks expand due to heat and contract due to cold. Thus, due to unequal expansion and contraction ,the rocks tend to break and get weathered. Rocks expand due to heat and contract due to cold. Thus, due to unequal expansion and contraction ,the rocks tend to break and get weathered.

Most people have a negative view about Islam due to their lack of knowledge about the religion and due to the fact that the media portrays a negative view of the religion. It could also be said that people have a negative view of Islam due to some Muslim's acts which they do in the name of their religion but in reality Islam forbids terrorism and hurting innocent people.

Islam as a religion expanded as the Islamic Empires expanded through conquest and where Islamic merchants met with receptive cultures outside of the Islamic Empires.

No, it is not evil. It is nonsensical. It is an invented word that attempts to pronounce the four hebrew consonants of God's name, which are יהוה or YHVH. Jews do not pronounce this name, partly due to religious reasons, and partly due to the fact that the vowels are unknown.

partly yes! (due to lack of scientific and society-friendly education) and due to influence of mullah type elderly and politicians

a real increase in the volume of a liquid that takes place due to increase of temperature is called real expansion

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