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For most Germans, victory in World War 1 was a foregone conclusion. This added to the insult of the perceived harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles.

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Q: What was the expected outcome from Germany in World War 1?
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Outcome of World War 2?

Germany, Italy and Japan lost the war to allied powers................

Outcome of World War 1 for the US?

the ships that Germany exploded in Britain.

What was thee outcome of the World War 2 war?

the UN, the Cold War and Germany, Japan & Italy lost

What was the ultimate outcome of Germany in World War 2?

tuh kola hehehe C:

How did the outcome of World War I affect the German people?

The outcome of the war deeply hurt Germany and it people because during the World War 1 Germany went through inflation which affected its economy greatly. After the Treaty of Versailles and the Paris Peace Treaty all of the blame was formally put on Germany and Germany was blamed for the cause of the war. People in Germany began to resent the fact that they alone were blamed for the war which caused the rise of Hitler and the second World War.

What was the outcome of the World War II?

The outcome was the dissolution of the German and Italian governments, the restoration of France, militarily handicapping the axis powers, and the division of Germany.

Which places were expected to be attacked first in world war 2?

Rhinelands or the western side of germany

How did the Warsaw ghetto uprising impact the outcome of the war?

Jewish resistance of the Nazi Germany that occupied Poland during world war 2

What was the outcome of for Germany in World War 2?

The outcome of Germany was that it was split into four zones, one for the US, one for the Soviets, one for the British, and one four the French. Berlin was also divided into four zones.

What effect did Gestapo have on the outcome of World War 2?

The effect that the Gestapo had on the outcome of World War 2 was fear of the police force in Germany. The Gestapo had power to hunt out those that were considered a threat to Nazi Germany that included Jehovah Witness, Jews and Communists or anyone else that challenged the Nazi Party.

Negative effects after world war 1?

The most devastating outcome of the First World War would be the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. This made conditions too harsh for Germany.

How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

Who did Hitler say was responsible for Germany outcome in world war 1?

Hitler always blamed Jewish-Bolshevism for everything.

What was the outcome of the US involvement in World War 2?

Well, Germany was captured by the Allies. The US owned West Germany and the Soviet Union owned the East Half. This is what eventually led to the Cold War.

What was the outcome of the World War I?

Canada, the US, Britain, and Russia beat Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. Took money, and land away from Germany and created a depression

What were the expected outcomes of the Korean war?

The outcome was to preserve South Korea from communist dominance. Which was accomplished.

Was Germany successful in World War 1?

No. Germany was defeated in World War I.

What was one major outcome of the nonaggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany before World War 2?

Answer this question… Germany was able to capture Poland without Soviet interference.

Why was World War 1 longer than expected?

USA entered war 1917 Russia signed treaty with Germany and left war no longer needed to defend Eastern front

How did Submarines impact the outcome of world war 1?

They didn't. But "IF" they had sunk the US transports delivering US Troops to Europe...Germany could've won the war...or at least not lost it.

What would have happened to Poland if Britain had not entered the war?

Poland would have either become part of Germany or the Soviet Union depending on the eventual outcome of World War 2.

Is there a war in Germany?

No, the last war in Germany was World War 2

What was the outcome of World War I?

the answer is that Canada won

Why was the outcome of the Franco Prussian war important to Germany?

It was later the reason that Frace were on the allies side during World War l, against Germany. They were still angry, and influenced France's opinion of Germany's punishment in the Treaty of Versailles.

What influence did Russia have on the outcome on the war?

Depends which war you are talking about, Russia has fought many over the centuries. For the Second World War, if Russia had made peace with Nazi Germany in 1942 or 43, Germany might have been able to conqueur the western Allies.