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The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first European style legislative assembly in North America. Established by the Virginia Company in 1619, it remained in place until it was succeeded by the Virginia House of Delegates in 1776.

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Q: What was the first European style legislative assembly in north America?
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Did the Virginia company allow the colonists to organize America's first colonial legislative assembly?

Not then, but after the war the colonists did eventually.

The first legislative assembly was set up in which colony?

It's Virginia.The first legislative assembly was in Jamestown Virginia. This was an English colony.

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What was the first European representative assembly in the New World?

An assembly of representatives from individual plantations, as well as the governor and barristers, gathered on July 30, 1619, in Jamestown and became the first representative assembly in colonial America.

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What was significant about the house of burgesses?

the first legislative assembly in the American colonies

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Who was the first opposition leader of Kerala legislative assembly?

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What is The VA House Of Burgesses?

the first representative assembly or legislative in the English Colonies

The virginia assembly that first established local representative self government for english settlers in north america?

In North America, the House of Burgesses became the first legislative assembly to elect representatives. It was founded by the Virginia Company, partly as a way to attract new English colonists to North America and improve their own quality of life.

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