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The origin of the cell phone comes from the first radios in the 1920's and from the use of police radios in the 1940's. The concept of the cell phone was developed in 1947 by Bell labs and it came from the mobile car phone. The first actual cell phone was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper who used the idea of the car phone and applied the technology to make a portable cell phone. In 1984 the public was able to buy the first cell phones.

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Q: What was the first cellphone?
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Who is the inventor of the cellphone?

the inventor of the first cellphone is Martin cooper

When was cellphone first came to India?

In India Cellphone was first introduced in Kolkata on July 31, 1995.

How and why was cellphone invented?

The first cellphone was invented to help people talk to each other

How do you get free cellphone load?

i need to answer the question first. then before i can get free cellphone load

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What is the date of the first cell phone?

The date of the first cellphone was in 1974.

Should a fifth grader have a cellphone and should it be a normal cellphone or a prepaid cellphone?

I think its is a great idea. I gave my kid her first cell when she was 3rd grade and I got her the iPhone.

If text messaging isn't on your cellphone how do you put text messaging on your cellphone?

All cellphones have text messaging unless your cellphone is one of the first cellphones ever invented. Go to your cellphone carrier and talk to them about how to acess your text messaging.

Which company introduced first cellphone in India?


What was the first cellphone made?

In 1980 0r so.

What year was the first call made on the cellphone?


What was the first brand of cellphone in the Philippines?

Cherry Mobile

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What was the country the first cellphone was made in?

The United States.

What is Tagalog translation of cellphone?

Tagalog translation of cellphone: cellphone

When was the first cellphone developed?

1946 in Brazil 1946 in Brazil

How do I set my desktop wallpaper as my Cellphone wallpaper?

at first know the Resolution pixels of ur cellphone Screen (for ex: 300X400) and transform ur wallpaper to its size and then u can keep it as wallpaper in ur cellphone

How do you eavesdrop using a cellphone?

Well first of all it is not polite to eavesdrop cellphone or not. But with the overuse of the cellphone in the most public of places, it is impossible not to eavesdrop on the various conversations taking place all around you. Sometimes you hear someone speaking and you don't see the cellphone or earpiece so you assume they are talking to you. If you are taking about wiretapping into a cellphone, forget it, it is illegal!

What was the first cellphone made by martin cooper?

it was a Motorola cell phone

What city did martin cooper invent the first cellphone?

New York

In what year was the first cellphone created?

The first cellphone made was in 1973 by Motorola. It wasn't until 1983 that the DynaTAC 8000x cell phone would be sold commercially to the public. From the years 1990 to 2011, cellphone sales and usage went from 12 million to over 6 billion users.

Is the president allowed to use a cellphone?

Presidents were not allowed to use a cellphone until President Obama took office. He is the first President to keep and use his smartphone.