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In Midlothian Virginia, just West of Richmond. Coal mining began there in about 1709.

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Q: What was the first coal mine in America?
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Were was the first coal mine?

the first mine was in Scotland i think

Which is the deepest coal mine in the world?

The deepest coal mine in Europe is Jindřich II Mine in the Rosice-Oslavany coal basin, Czech Republic. The shaft of the mine reached 1550 m while the deepest level coal was mined at was at 1428.4 m. The mine was closed in 1991. It is probably the deepest coal mine in the world.Springhill Mine, near Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada, is the deepest coal mine in North America. The greatest depth of the Springhill area mines is about 1350 m. The mine was closed in 1958.

What is mitt romney's plan for America if he is elected president?

to make a coal mine.

What is the coal industry labor org?

United Mine Workers of America (UMW).

Do coal miners mine for coal?

Yes, coal miners mine coal.

Why was the coal mine built?

to mine coal...

Was the first coal mine discovered in Scotland?

yes i think it was

What has the author William John Walsh written?

William John Walsh has written: 'The United mine workers of America as an economic and social force in the anthracite territory' -- subject(s): Anthracite coal, Coal miners, Coal mines and mining, Labor unions, United Mine Workers of America

When is coal mine used?

How did they used to coal mine

Was workers on strike any time in 1920?

The 1920 Alabama coal strike, or the Alabama Miners' Strike, was a statewide strike of the United Mine Workers of America against coal mine operators.

What was a hurriers job at a coal mine?

The Hurriers job was to whear a harnest and pull coal in a coal mine from one part of the coal mine to another.

Where a coal mine is found?

Coal mine is a found in an ground.