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To our research we find that the first computer mouse was made out of Wood.

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It depends if it is wireless or with a cord. If it has a cord, simply plug it into the computer using a usb plug on the back of the computer. If it is wireless, turn off the computer, turn off the mouse, turn the computer on, wait for the computer to ask for a mouse, then turn on the mouse, and the computer should pick it up within a minute or so.

What was the first computer made of? If you consider that Charles Babbage's difference engine was the first computer, then it was made of Brass and steel.

The first computer had no brand, it was a one offmachine and was not sold.

if it is not recognising your mouse after a wile. turn the PC off. if that not help. the mouse might be broken or not compatible to the PC

You always want to turn the wireless mouse off before you replace the batteries. The top rated laptop computers use Bluetooth technology to connect to the mouse, and it can become confused if the batteries are suddenly taken away. It will think that the mouse is still connected to the computer even though it is not. You will then have to restart the computer to reset it. If you turn the mouse off, you can avoid this problem.

A mobile mouse may refer to two things. The first of which is a wireless mouse which runs off battery power and remotely sends signals to the computer. The other thing it may refer to is a form of smartphone app that allows you to control your computer's cursor from your phone.

On the regular screen, it brings up a tool box with options in it that you can use on the computer. Turns the computer off

Nail polish removerrr or tonz of base coat!

it is because they made mickey mouse

The computer does not turn off by itself. It is just in sleep mode. In sleep mode, the computer uses less energy. It will wake when you move the mouse or press something on the keyboard.

monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, off and on switch, web-cam

IBM's first computer that was not produced as a one off contract machine was the IBM 701 in 1953. They made 9.

In Windows make sure you have mouse setting "hide cursor while typing" off. If you have this setting on, Windows will hide the cursor whenever you are typing text with your keyboard. You could also try to change to default mouse pointers.

Charles Babbage was the person that first made the printer. The printer is used to print things off of a computer, onto paper.

A computer definition is, a blank screeen with many diffrent componets to it: including mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers and a usb where you can copy things off a computer and on to another.

How do you turn your computer off properly/safely?To turn your computer off properly/safely you should first log out then shut it down.

The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off was created in 1965.

Usually, if NumLock is turned off, the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard can control the cursor.

If you have an external mouse connected to your laptop PC, turning off the laptop's mouse and Disabling the mouse may sound like

Optical MouseAll mice have moving parts. There is no such thing as a computer mouse not having moving parts. And before you pop off (or mouth off or whatever you want to call it), the "buttons" that you use to "click" an icon or link and the scroll wheel of the mouse are moving parts. As a matter of fact, the entire mouse is a moving part. Unless it is a trackball mouse, in which case only the trackball and the buttons are the only moving parts.

The computer was made to do both, it doesn't matter.

If your system time is off, it only means that timestamps made by your computer will be wrong. This may or may not cause problems, depending on what the computer is used for.

Not usually. Ex: I will give you a computer including the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

In order to turn the mouse of to an i mac you turn the mouse over and you should see a switch if it is bluetooth and then turn that off but if you want to disconnect it you have to go to system preferences and select mouse and then just disconnect it

According to its Pokedex entries, it refers Pikachu as a Mouse Pokemon. This adorable Pokemon is based off the mouse-like rodent called a Pika, which was first found in China.

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