What was the first country to use postcards?

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Austria was the first country to use postcards.

yes definitely austria 100%
London in United Kingdom is the very first country to use post cards.
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How much does it cost to mail a postcard in the US?

It costs 28 cents as of 05/11/09 for postcards with a maximum size of 6" x 4.25". The cost is 44 cents for larger postcards. For current info you can use the following link: http://postcalc.usps.gov/Postcards.aspx web site as of 3/27/2010 http://www.usps.com/prices/first-class-mail-prices.ht ( Full Answer )

What country was first to use the computer and for what?

The country that was the first to use the computer was Germany.This computer was a binary calculator and was used to completemathematical computations. The first computer used for breakingcodes was used in England.

What country was the first to use algebra?

Since algebra was developed during the Abbasid dynasty by Al-Khawarizmi, the people of the Abbasid dynasty were the first to use algebra.

Who was the first country to use flamethrowers?

Also known as Greek fire, The Byzintine Greek empire first used a liquid flame thrower. Other accounts refer to the Romans using it in the 7th century. The Chinese used a tube filled with explosive powder that was used in celebration but in a battle could be pointed at the enemy. The Arabs also had ( Full Answer )

What country used the first tank?

The first country to use the tank was the inventors, the British, in world war one, though during the war the french and Germans made designs too

What can postcard stamps be used for?

If you are talking about cutting out the postcard stamp area, and sticking them on an envelope or a package, I think it is the same in theory as cutting stamps that were stuck to a letter, unused, and glue them to another letter to use. I am also trying to find if there is some restrictions, becau ( Full Answer )

Which country was the first to use paper?

Papermaking is considered to be one of the Four Great Inventions of Ancient China , since the first papermaking process was developed in China during the early 2nd century. During the Shang (1600 BC-1050 BC) and Zhou (1050 BC-256 BC) dynasties of ancient China , documents were ordinarily ( Full Answer )

Which country first used MSG?

Japan Tokyo university in 1907 Prof. Kikunae Ikeda separated Glutamic Acid from Kombu seaweed to enhance the flavor of foods.

How big can a postcard be to use a postcard stamp?

Postcards - $0.28 Size limits: . Minimum: 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long by 0.007 inch thick . Maximum: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high . Additional postage required for larger postcards . Postcards that are over 4-1/4 inches high X 6 inches long X 0.016 inch thick are considered oversi ( Full Answer )

What is the US postcard rate in 2008?

The cost was 26 cents at the start of the year. It went up to 27 cents on May 12 of that year. It had been 24 cents until in January 2006.

Can postcard stamps be used for regular mail?

Yes. As long as you use more than one. The postage just has to add up to the postage of a letter. Right now an average letter of normal dimensions and weight, costs 45 cents. Postcard rate is 32 cents, so you would need two stamps. Postage stamps are just like money, as long as it adds up to the cur ( Full Answer )

Which was the first country to use music?

Bible records in the Old Testament report on singing for many different ocassions. Also long before the time of Christ, thousands of Grreks sang at music festivals which were held regularly.

What was the first country to use coal?

Coal has been used for thousands of years as a fuel for cooking, etc.. The first country to use coal for industrial purposes was the United Kingdom, where the industrial revolution began.

How do you mail a postcard from Ireland to the US?

You can step up to the Royal Mail Post counter and ask the clerk to sell you a stamp, buy the stamp, affix it to the postcard and drop it in the Royal Mail post box. Perhaps the clerk will even drop it in for you.

How much is postcard rate from US to Europe?

A postcard that weighs around an ounce will be around thirteendollars through international mail. The bigger the postcard, themore it costs. The cost can be as much as thirty dollars.

How do you use postcard printing to increase sales?

Postcard printing is one of the most effective, yet inexpensive ways to advertise your company or organization. For less than $ 99 bucks, you can promote your services and products to thousands of prospects, which may eventually become your customers. Creating a postcard is easier than you may think ( Full Answer )

What is the first country to use postcard?

It depends on whether you mean a picture postcard like one you might send when you are on holiday, or literally, a card that you would send through the post for any purpose, e.g. advertising. Here is a summary of the relevant information from Wikipedia. First hand painted postcard: 1840, Englan ( Full Answer )

What country was the harpsichord first used in?

The origins can be traced back to Padua, Italy in the late 1300's. Further developments came in 1440 and again in 1511 in Germany. The earliest complete Harpsichord was built in Italy in 1521. Flemish makers were building a two manual models in the 1660's

Can you use foreign stamps on domestic postcards?

It depends what country you are in eg. I want to send a postcard to you from Spain. I have to use a Spanish stamp. But you have to use an English stamp to send one to me if you're in England and I'm in Spain.

Can a postcard have an envelope to use a postcard stamp?

Sending Postcards with the USPS What Is a Postcard? A postcard is a rectangular mailer sent without an envelope. Sending a postcard is an extremely affordable way to communicate when you're using the U.S. Postal Service-regular postcards cost only $0.33 to mail!

What was the 1994 US postcard rate?

The cost of a post card in 1994 would have been 19 cents. It went up from 15 cents in April 1988. It stayed at the 19 cent rate until January 1995 when it went to 20 cents.

Is it legal to bill using a postcard?

No, although not illegal billing someone by postcard is not guarding their privacy and what person would want a bill on a postcard without details of the charges on it.

Which country used democracy for first?

Democracy originated in Ancient Greece, though it bears little resemblance to our Democratic Republic. Their democracy was a popular vote by the people on each issue, as opposed to our democracy where we elect the leaders and then they make decisions based on their own judgement.

Which country first use the torpedo?

The Koreans started to build it when the Battleships started to attack, then they put it in the submarines to do underwater attacks. Actually, no. The Germans were the first to really deploy submarines, naval ships that could effectively use torpedoes. The Koreans simply (but eventually) became t ( Full Answer )

What unit can be used to measure a area of a postcard?

Any square unit you like can be used to measure the area of a postcard, however to make the numbers have a reasonable size and ease of handling, I would suggest using square centimetres as a postcard is about hand size (and likely to be about 15cm by 10cm).

How much is postcard stamp in US?

The cost in 2012 is 32 cents. It was 29 cents until January 22 2012. Originally it was only a penny!

What was the first country which used parachutes?

Looks like this was purely a French invention. Sebastien Lenormand, a Frenchman, was the first to demonstrate the principle in 1783. was probably the first person to actually use a parachute for an emergency. In 1793, Jean Pierre Blanchard, a Frenchman, claimed to have escaped from an exploded ( Full Answer )

What can postcard marketing be useful for?

Postcard marketing is a form of advertisement whereby a company sends postcards to potential customers to get them interested in a product or service. Postcard marketing can be useful.if you have a product or service to advertise that is visually appealing.

What is the process that postcard printers use for making postcards?

First, postcard printers must choose good quality paper of the proper thickness; if it's too thin the postcard will get damaged in the mail. Modern postcards are usually printed using the offset printing process, in which the inked image is transferred first to a metal plate and then onto a rubber ( Full Answer )

Where can you create postcards using your own pictures?

One can create postcards using your own pictures with from any computer with a printer. Purchase special paper and a postcard creation program from a local office store, load the picture into the computer and print out the postcard.

Where In the US can you buy British postcard stamps?

Ebay, but if you are sending one there from US you have to use USpostage since that's your carrier and any int'l is expensive unlessthe card itself is important, I would wait until you have a packageor letter.