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What was the first jet plane to be made in the US?

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the first jet made in this country would be the jet plane

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Can you drive to Brasil from US?

Only if you hav a jet plane

What year was the fastest us jet made?

the fastest jet made is the f-15 eagle and the fastest us jet made is the f-111 aardvark and it was made in the year 1964

What company developed the first jet engine for the US Airforce?

During the Korean War, the first American made jet engine for the US Air Force was General Electric. Soon after the Pratt and Whitney corporation developed a faster jet engine for the US Air Force.

Does the first lady of the US have her own plane?

No, the First Lady does not have her own dedicated plane.

Where was the collision of the US crew of the downed navy plane that had collided with the Chinese fighter jet?

south china sea

First supersonic fighter jet?

The F-100 Super Sabre is the first US massed produced jet fighter to reach Mach 1 in level flight reaching Mach 1.05 May 25, 1953. any plane could have reached Mach 1, but would have broken up.

What is the first jet plane's name in the US?

The first jet plane's name in the US is Bell XP-59. Unfortunately they never went into combat. It was produced by General lectric company.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of jet plane?

Advantage: Let us travel through sky at top speed Disadvantage: It will cause pollution

The image of fighting jet plane of US?

Look at any of the websites, all show images. The most famous would be the F4 Phantom, the last US jet ace aircraft of the 20th century. And the only combat jet (that saw extensive combat) that was flown by all US branches of service IN COMBAT. The USAF F100 Super Sabre jet is the longest serving "in direct combat" of any US aircraft (1961 to 1971).

The US crew of the downed navy plane that had collided with the Chinese fighter jet was released after eleven days Where was the collision?

south china sea

Why do the wright brothers inspire us?

They built the first plane.

What is the name of the plane that can start with a virtical lift off?

The V-22 Osprey is the newest Army "helicopter" that can lift off vertically. The Harrier Jet is the US Marine fighter jet that takes off vertically.

Is victory motorcycles made in US?

Yes, it is a division of Polaris, as in ATVs, jet skis.

Where was the first us navy jet engine made?

The Bell P59 Airacomet was the first Jet-powered aircraft in our military, and it served the Army Air Forces and the Navy (which was unusual, given their competition with each other). It was powered by two General Electric J31-GE-5 turbojets, which was the first working jet engine produced in the United States. General Electric had four facilities in the US, and the engines were mass-produced in all four. I hope this helped!

Why is it important to know how weather moves across the US?

because when you are flying and the jet stream is going the opposite way your plane is then it will be more difficult to fly there, or if you are going the same way as the jet stream then you could get to your destination faster.

Can travel be made by plane to the Philippines without going through the US?


What did the us airforce do in Korean War?

1. First war fought by the USAF. 2. Worlds first "jet" war.

How is it that you can visit the US?

You would have to first get a passport to come and visit the US and then get a plane ticket and fly to your destination.

How did wheat come to the us?

Wheat came to us by plane. It is made by seeds. They come from Israel. By Georgiia''Meachiin.x.

What year did the first jet plane land on an aircraft carrier?

The first jet plane landed on an aircraft carrier 6 November 1945. The plane was a US Navy Ryan FR-1 Fireball piloted by Ensign Jake C. West, and the carrier was the Casablanca-class escort carrier USS Wake Island.The FR-1 was a 'composite' aircraft with both a forward radial engine and a rear turbojet. It was intended to take off and land using the radial engine, as early jet engines were poorly suited to carrier operations. However, Ensign West's FR-1 suffered a radial engine failure on approach; however, he was able to start the turbojet and make a successful emergency landing.

What is stopping us from becoming the first ones to send a fighter Jet into space like the new F-35 into space giving its present technology?

A jet engine is an air-breathing engine, it won't run in the vacuum of space. Apart from that, getting out into orbit takes a huge amount of fuel, more than the plane can carry.

Made the first airplane for the US navy?

Glenn Curtiss made the first aircraft for the US Navy

Built first airplanes for the us navy?

Mayfly was the first plane used by the US navy. It was built by pioneer aviator Glenn Curtiss in 1908.

What was the name of the US first high altitude spy plane?

Lockheed U-2

The United states first high altitude spy plane was called?

the US SkyBird :)