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Each of the Central Powers nations had a border with another nation of the Central Powers. This made transport of supplies and communication easier.

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Q: What was the geographical advantage of the central powers?
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What was the geographical disadvantage of the central powers?

The central powers were between the France and Russia, thus they could be attack from two sides.

Was world war 1 a chance for allies to take advantage of central powers?

I would describe WW I as a huge accident that was set off by the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, rather than as a deliberate attempt by the allied powers, the Triple Entente, to take advantage of the Central Powers.

In what way did the hold an advantage over the central powers?

The Allies had greater miltary strength and size.

What advantage did the allies hold over the central powers?

the allies have more militeristic abilities and strength

What way did allies hold an advantage over the central powers?

the allies have more militeristic abilities and strength

Who left the central powers?

Italy left the Central powers before they were known as the central powers.

Did Italy switch to central powers?

No, Italy did not switch to the Central Powers. Italy switched from the Central Powers to the Allied Powers.

What were Austria Hungary Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria Germany called?

the central powers

What rhymes with central powers?

central powers stinky flowers

What year did the Allied powers push the central powers out of France in World War 1?

The allied powers did not push the Central powers out of France. The Central powers only left after the armistice.

Did Japan join central powers?

Japan did not join the Central powers, it joined the allied powers.

Did the axis powers or the central Powers lost World War 1?

Central Powers. Axis was WW2.