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I believe that was wheat.

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Q: What was the grain that ripened during the time of exodus from Egypt in the bible?
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What is The exodus Bible?

There is no Exodus Bible - Exodus is the 2nd Book of Moses in the Torah.

Were the Ten Commandments given during the Mosaic Age?

A:According to the Bible, the Ten Commandments were given to Moses himself, during the Exodus from Egypt. In terms of historical fact, scholars say that there was no Exodus from Egypt as described in the Bible and therefore no Mosaic Age. The Ten Commandments were written centuries after the time attributed to Moses.

What book in the Bible is Prince of Egypt based on?

exodus 2

What is the''flight of the Israelites out of Egypt'' called in the Bible?

It was called the Exodus.

Which book of the bible tells about the departure of the israelites from Egypt?


Was the Jews' departure from Ur the departure that the Exodus in the bible refers to?

No. The "Exodus" refers to the Jews' departure from Egypt in the Book of Exodus.

How many Hebrew slaves remained in Egypt during the Exodus?

According to the Bible, there were approximately 600,000 Israelite men (not including women and children) who left Egypt during the Exodus. This suggests that a significant portion of the Hebrew slaves left Egypt with Moses.

Why in the Bible is the story called exodus?

Exodus means 'exit', and in the book of Exodus the Moses and his people are escaping from Pharaoh, and exiting Egypt.

Which book of the Bible tells the story of the Israelite's departure from Egypt?

This is the Book of Exodus.

Where was miriam in the bible born?

The Miriam of Exodus ch.15 was born in Egypt.

How many plauge was their in the bible?

10 in Egypt from the Book of Exodus 21 in the Book of Revelation

Which departure does the book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible refer to?

It refers to the departure of the Jewish slaves from Egypt