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It's complex. On the one hand, the House Committee report that started McCarthy's downfall made it clear that McCarthy had grossly exaggerated the threat of Communism within the USA and accused many if not most people over the years without any good reason. On the other hand, anti-Communism had been a fixture of US society from 1917 on, even though Communism never had taken root in the US. But it had long been a custom in the US to label many liberal or social projects (such as for instance the law abolishing child labor) 'Communist', and even McCarthy's downfall did little to diminish the general grass-roots feeling against Communism and often any form of 'socialism' or liberalism.

Another factor was that regardless of the end of McCarthy's 'reign of terror' so to speak, the Cold War still was an everyday reality with its ever-accelerating nuclear arms race.

So although many Americans felt a little ashamed to have seen Communists under each and every of their beds, the Red Scrare remained until after the fall of the Soviet Union around 1990. The funny thing in hindsight was that the Russians - who had lost several times more lives than all the other Allies taken together in WW 2 and who had seen direct American involvement with the forces fighting the Russian government it its civil war - were as scared if not even more scared of American agression and domination as the Americans were of theirs.

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Q: What was the impact of McCarthyism on the Red Scare?
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Does red scare mean the same as McCarthyism and did red scare include anti-communist persecutions?

No the Red Scare is not the same as McCarthyism. It was the term for the fear that Communism would take over America and the world. Anti-communist persecutions were a result of the Red Scare.

Why is the red scare like McCarthyism?


What phobia is the fear of communism?

Mccarthyism or the red scare

What factors contributed to the end of McCarthyism and the red scare?

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Who did red scare target?

Suspected communists. Eventually, anyone was fair game for McCarthyism, the man who initiated the "Red Scare."

The red scare and McCarthyism were similar in that both?

Encouraged nativist ideas.

What were the 3 causes of the red scare?

McCarthyism, the sputnik, bolshevik revolution.

What is the black list from McCarthyism and the red scare of the 1950?

the red scare is when people where dying all over the world because of the anti- communist.

During the red scare many were accused of being communist even without evidence to prove it this was known as?

McCarthyism -Apex

How did the Red Scare influence the US?

The Red Scare led to McCarthyism where ordinary citizens could be blacklisted, or prevented from getting a job, if they were suspected of being a communist.

Who was the us senator responsible for the anti-communist movement known a red scare?

The US senator's name was Joseph McCarthy. The Red Scare is also known as McCarthyism.

When did the fear of Communism known as the Red Scare begin in the US?

Following the Bolshevist revolution the first 'Red Scare' was from 1919 through 1921 then the second 'Red Scare' (McCarthyism) followed after the Second World War 1947 to 1954 .