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The Kokoda Track campaign represented the first time that the national security of Australia was directly threatened. The victory of the Australians was celebrated as the saving of their country by the public. While there were intelligence failures and unrealistically high expectations of the Australian forces during the campaign, it helped highlight what needed to improve for more efficient medical and logistical infrastructure.

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Why did they call it the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail or Kokoda Track gets its name from the village of Kokoda, which is at one end of the trail. Owens Corner is the town at the other end.

When did the kokoda campaign happen?

Kokoda Campaign Happened in 1942

Where does the Kokoda Track start and finish?

The two ends of the Kokoda Trail are at Kokoda and Owers Corner sixty miles apart.

What aspects of Kokoda campaign embody the traditions of the ANZAC legend?

at this time our government was much the same as our government with the anzac legend, the kokoda trail campaign was much like the anzac legend just about the same number of people died and we honour them god bless the soldiers that fought in WWII

Who won the battle of kokoda?

The Australian soldiers won the battle of kokoda

Where is kokoda?

Kokoda is located in Papua New Guinea, Hope that helps! =)

What is the duration of Kokoda film?

The duration of Kokoda - film - is 1.53 hours.

How did kokoda track get its name?

The Kokoda Track is a road in Papua New Guinea, famous for being the site of a World War II battle. There is much debate over whether it should be called the Kokoda Track or Kokoda Trail; however, in 1972, it officially became the Kokoda Trail.

What is the airport code for Kokoda Airport?

The airport code for Kokoda Airport is KKD.

When was Kokoda Memorial Hospital created?

Kokoda Memorial Hospital was created in 1995.

When was Kokoda - film - created?

Kokoda - film - was created in 2006.

Which nations were involved in the Kokoda trail?

Countries involved in the Kokoda Track were Australia and Japan.

What caused the Kokoda Campaign?

The Kokoda Campaign occurred during World War II. The Kokoda Campaign was caused by Japanese troops attempting to invade Port Moresby.

When did the kokoda war start and finish?

The Kokoda campaign lasted from July 21st to November 16th, 1942. The Kokoda campaign occurred during World War II.

How long is the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail is about 96km and it goes across the Owen Stanley Ranges from Ower's Corner (North of Papua New Guinea's Capital Port Moresby) to Kokoda village. It's important to know that there is not one definite Kokoda Trail, but rather many different smaller tracks that lead across the Mountains. They part and converge to form the area which is known as the Kokoda Trail (or Kokoda Track).

What started Kokoda?

A Japanese force moved down the Kokoda Track to capture Port Moresby.

Where can you find information about the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea including details of the battle and living conditions?

See the Web Links to the left for information on Kokoda conditions. On the one titled 'Kokoda Trail I,' don't miss a second link they have to 'Kokoda Track II'.

How long did the kokoda war last?

Kokoda War lasted from 21 July- 16 November 1942

How many Australians were involved in the kokoda track war?

Answer? ALL In fact, only Australians fought at Kokoda.

When did the Kokoda battle end?

'The Kokoda campaign ended in January 1943.' Umm WRONG!!.. It was 1st of November 1942..

Where did you send Australian soldiers in the battle of kokoda?

In the battle of Kokoda, the Australians fought in harsh conditions along the Kokoda Track. They fought the Japanese at Eora Creek, TempletonÕs Crossing, Efogi, Mission Ridge and Ioribaiwa. By mid-September, the Japanese withdrew from the Kokoda Track, defeated and depleted of supplies.

When did the battle of kokoda start?

The first battle of Kokoda occurred on July 23, 1942. The second battle began on August , 1942. The entire Kokoda Track campaign lasted from July 21st to November 16th.

What was the battle of kokoda?

The Kokoda Trail Campaign or Kokoda Track Campaign ,located in Papua , New Guinea , was a series of battles fought between July and November 1942 between Japanese and mostly Australian combatants .

Is the movie kokoda historically correct?

The movie Kokoda is correct and incorrect. There are a few things that seem to be incorrect. Like I don't think that a small cottage in the middle of the kokoda track would be found while walking.

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