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Considering that it violates the Hebrew faith to have a tattoo, along with the whole idea of reducing a human being to a number, I would say it was a rather traumatic experience! But then that was the intent, to make others see these human beings as not being human. That way it was much easier to exterminate six million Jews, along with seven million other Europeans. Hopefully the world will not forget, for if it does, it shall happen again. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 As a note of irony, the SS were also tattooed, with blood group (in case they were wounded). Those tattoos were used to hunt them down after the war, about as effectively as they had used tattoos to hunt their victims.

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Q: What was the impact on the Jewish people and others having a number tattooed on their arms?
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In what number order were Jewish prisoners tattooed in Auschwitz?

Arithmetically increasing.

How did the Nazis number Jews in concentration camps?

At the Auschwitz group of camps prisoners selected for work (whether Jewish or not Jewish) were tattooed with a number.

Why were the prisoners tattooed?

Prisoners in the camps were tattooed for two reasons. Firstly, it was their "Prison ID Number", and second (and more cruelly) it is against Jewish law to become tattooed or to desecrate ones flesh. So, the Germans tattooing the mostly Jewish prisoners was a sick joke almost, as it would not allow them to enter their heaven or to even be buried in a Jewish cemetery as this is not permitted.

Did Jewish children also get number tattoos on their arms?

No. Only adults considered fit for work were registered and tattooed.

What literal meaning is Jewish number on the wrist?

There is no such thing as a Jewish number on a wrist. But it sounds like you are describing Holocaust survivors, who were tattooed by the Nazis with identification numbers during World Word II.

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What is an example of a number that was tattooed onto a Jewish persons arm during the Holocaust?

Primo Levi was an Italian jew captured in December of 1943. In his book "Se questo e' un uomo" he says his "name" tattooed on him was 174 517.

Why were the SS guards tattooed?

All members of the SS (except Himmler) were tattooed with a number.

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What was tattooed on the prisoners arms?

An identification Number

Why did people get tattooed during the Holocaust?

People were tattooed because it was a number that Jews were forced to wear under Hitler's rule.

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What did prisoners at Auschwitz have tattooed on their arm?

Their prisoner number

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How were Jews singled out?

Since the number of prisoners entering the camp were increasing by the day, sometimes by hundreds, the Nazis started tattooing them upon arrival on their left breast. Next to their number which was tattooed by an interchangeable metal stamp, they tattooed a symbol to indicate their nationality. Jews were tattooed with a triangle next to their prison number.

How did Jews get number on arm?

The numbers were tattooed on the prisoners' arms.

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How did they number people in concentration camps?

They tattooed numbers on peoples' arms.

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